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Under Eye Wrinkles Home Remedy

Among the worst enemies of your good looks are under eye wrinkles. They start developing right after you cross your 20s. However, they can develop even if you are at your prime age. Under eye wrinkles can really hamper the way you want to look and for this reason, most of the women complain them.

We will discuss some of the causes and remedies associated with eye wrinkles. There are different types of treatment of eye wrinkles and vary according to your skin type.

Causes of Wrinkles Under Eyes

The elastin and collagen proteins are crucial ingredients within your skin that keep your skin looking young and firm. When your skin stops regenerating these proteins wrinkles appear. The first sign that your skin is not producing these two proteins is the development of wrinkles. This area underneath the eye is sensitive and soft. Therefore, the treatment of wrinkles under your eyes needs special treatments.

Some of the critical reasons behind wrinkles under eyes are listed as follows:

sleep depravation

Sleep deprivation

Whether you’re awake due to late night office work or watching a movie at the weekend. Getting not enough sleep is one of the most common causes of sudden wrinkles under eyes.

Exposure to UV rays of the sun

Although Vitamin D present in sunlight is good for your skin the sunlight also comes with ultraviolet rays that can damage delicate skin under your eyes. It is understandable that one cannot avoid the sun entirely but you can protect your eyes with goggles. You can also use sun blockers that can prove to be very handy.

Lacking proper skin care

Another one of the primary reasons is the lack of proper skin care. There are various reasons behind inappropriate skin care. These include inadequate diet, pollution, everyday workload and lack of sleep.

To avoid all of this you need to keep your skin properly hydrated as well as free of any dirt. If you want to stop the development of eye wrinkles then you need to properly cleanse your skin. You can use a range of different skin cleansers if you think you don’t have enough time for skin care.

Unhealthy diet

Whether you love to eat or don’t have much love for food, opting the cheese out is very difficult. Similar is the case with sugary desserts and fried items. We don’t say that you need to exclude all of this stuff from your diet plan. We are trying to emphasize the fact that you must also include some essential ingredients in your diet. You should include and keep fish, green vegetables and all the vitamins-rich fruits in your diet. These are extremely useful in reducing eye wrinkles.


As you age wrinkles start to appear. This is a phenomenon that you cannot stop if you want to use some preventive measures. However, what you can do is slow it down considerably. If you can eliminate all the causes that we have enlisted above then you can slow the process down significantly. In addition to that, you must also need to follow a proper skin care routine.


Yes, smoking is not only bad for your lungs but for your skin as well. One of the critical contents for your skin is moisture because it allows the skin to look healthy and smooth. Smoking can reduce the number of blood vessels in your skin. The skin will lack the required moisture content. Aging signs are more prominent in dehydrated skins. These signs include uneven tone, wrinkling, and a dark spot as well as others.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes Overnight

There are various remedies to treat the dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes overnight. These are good for you if you don’t want to go for any medical treatments.

massage eyes


As the under eye region is delicate it requires plenty of blood circulation and nutrients, even more than any other organ of your body. One of the best ways to do that is massaging. It will allow the under eye skin to get relaxed. For massaging you can either use an eye cream or can also go for coconut oil. You can also try our COUI Super C Serum. It is something far beyond your beauty bath because it works brilliantly well for anti-aging purposes too.

One of the secret ingredients used in this Super C Serum is EGF or Epidermal Growth Factor. The EGF is good for synthesizing new collagen and keeps the anti-aging energy at its peak. Among the other ingredients, there is vitamin C, Marine Kelp, hydrolyzed collagen, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid. The serum will make your skin moistened and it will allow your skin to produce more proteins and stay hydrated. It is effective to reduce acne scars and fine lines under your eyes.

Eye mask

Eye masks are also a good option for this purpose. You have to make sure that your eye mask comes with egg, milk, and honey. Additionally, you can also make your own mask for the under eyes. Only use natural and fresh ingredients to apply in this section. Another essential ingredient that you should include in your mask is the vitamin C serum.

Best Eye Cream For Wrinkles And Crow's Feet

Using eye cream is another one of the simplest methods. But the cream needs to be of high quality and made of high-quality ingredients. The creams comprise of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol should be on your top priority list. Among the best eye creams for your eye wrinkles are Luscious Eye Cream and Phytemanteau Day Cream.

The Luscious Eye Cream from COUI is excellent for improving visible firmness of your skin. It will also improve the overall elasticity in the surrounding regions of your eye. It can significantly reduce those lines that start to appear under your eyes and your eye will look even more radiant. Its ingredients include essential oils, plant extracts, and peptides.

This cream will smooth, hydrate and brighten your eyes so that you can easily take on your day. It can easily handle the dark circles and puffiness of your skin. If you use this cream then you will not require any other to go with it. This cream also features the EGF ingredient in the formula which boosts the natural healing of your skin. The results of your under eye wrinkles before and after will significantly differ.

Phytemanteau Day Cream is another great moisturizer that will hydrate your skin, keep it safe from external factors and will turn the clock back for you. It also features antioxidants that keep your skin safe from any pollutants and UV rays. The cream comprises of Mango seed oil and pomegranate seed, butter from rosehip seed, extract from grape seed and aloe vera, Ferulic acid, and others. All these ingredients are best to keep your skin moistened and safe from all the external elements.

It is one of the best day creams because it can keep the skin adequately moistened. Plus it will also allow the skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin. Both these proteins are best for slowing down the aging process of your skin and keep it fresh for many years to come. It is the best anti aging eye cream that you will find on the market.

Natural ingredients

Apart from under eye wrinkles cream and serum, another exceptional way of treating your eye wrinkles is to use natural ingredients. People with sensitive skins should only go for natural ingredients to treat their eye wrinkles. The natural ingredients that are best for this purpose include avocado, milk, brown sugar, rose water, cucumber, and chamomile tea water.

Medical Treatments For Under Eye Wrinkles

There are different medical treatments that you can also go for when solving the issue of under eye wrinkles. There are dermal filler procedures, micro-needling, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, and Botox treatment. However, these medical treatments for under eye wrinkles are expensive and we only recommend them if your wrinkle problem has exceeded the moderate level.

Wrap Up

There are more than one ways when it comes to fine lines under eyes treatment. You can either go for DIY home remedies or medical means. However, if your wrinkles are at a moderate level, then you don’t have to go for those expensive medical treatments. You can use different under eye wrinkles home remedies to treat your wrinkles.

COUI provides different powerful anti-aging creams and serums that you can use in your masks or apply directly for excellent results. But make sure that you also keep healthy foods in your diet. Protein and vitamin-rich foods are essential in this cause. Also, stay away from sugary desserts, fried food and smoking to keep your skin healthy naturally. Using anti-aging skin products is effective under eye wrinkles treatment.

Nevertheless, you must also keep an eye on what you are consuming and also hydrate your skin frequently to keep the pollutants away and save your skin from UV radiation.

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