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Best Anti-Aging Cream For Men

It's true that not all of us age in the same way. Although women’s skin is more prone to aging as compared to men. But it doesn’t mean that men don’t face any aging issues. Some of us take our sweet time in showing just how old we've turned. But the rest of us almost always end up frowning at our pictures wondering where the time has gone!

Aging is inevitable and there is no way to turn back the hands of time. We can, however, slow these hands down significantly if we take action now. Before we start discussing different anti-aging products for men let us first discuss skin types.

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What Is My Skin Type?

The first step – always! – is admitting you have a problem. So, it follows that the second step must be properly identifying your problem. This, in turn, will help you find the perfect solution aimed at solving your problem. Before we get into recommending some viable solutions let's talk the common skin types.

Oily skin

Oily skin is a result of excess sebum production. Sebum is the oil that our body produces to keep our skin moisturized. Most people don't understand that excessively oily skin could also be a result of damaged pores or dehydrated skin. If your skin is dehydrated (dry) your body will, of course, produce oil to compensate. One solution is to keep your skin properly hydrated and moisturized to avoid this. You can do this by drinking lots of fluids and using the right products.

Dry skin

This is the type of skin that feels rough most days and flaky on others. Some of the causes behind dry skin include dehydration and inappropriate skincare. By inappropriate skincare, we mean that you might either be using the wrong product that might be drying your skin out (never a good idea!). Or you might be over-cleansing and stripping your skin of its natural oils (also a very bad idea). This then could be causing your dry, flaky skin.

Normal skin

This skin type is neither too dry as to be rough and neither too oily to be considered greasy. Normal skin types can usually try and use a wide variety of products.

Sensitive skin

This skin usually suffers from allergic reactions in the form of rashes or dry patches. If you have sensitive skin then you need to be careful about the kind of products you apply. Sensitive skins react fastest to products both in the best and worst way. You will immediately know which products don't suit you. In many ways, this is a huge plus if you can learn to pay attention to the signs your skin gives you.

Combination skin

This skin type is one of the trickier ones if you don't know you have it. Combination skin means you have both dry and oily skin on different patches of your face. You don't have to panic! As we've mentioned with proper hydration and moisturization you can overcome most skin-related concerns.

identifying skin type

Identifying Your Skin Type

Here is a simple test you can take if you're not sure about your skin type. After you've washed you face wait about two hours. Once two hours have passed you should carefully test out the different patches of your skin to see where you can feel any oiliness or dryness.

If you have oily skin then your body will already have started to produce oil. But if you have dry skin then your face will continue to retain a dry feel. Remember to check each patch of your face to confirm if you have combination skin. But if you have normal skin (lucky!) then your skin feels neither too dry nor too oily.

One of the easiest ways to identify sensitive skin is to note your skin’s reaction to the different products you use. Pay attention if your skin feels a little too tight or scratchy.


Ingredients To Look Out For In Anti-Aging Creams

Skin care is healthy eating for your skin and there are some products that your skins love to consume! These are the ingredients that absorb right into your skin and help your body do what it’s good at taking care of you. If you're new to the skincare game then we recommend you start reading labels on everything you buy from now on!

Here is a list of the best ingredients that the top anti-aging creams contain. And if you see them on the label of cream then it is a huge plus for the product!

Hyaluronic acid

One of the best and widely used ingredients is of course at the top of our list! Hyaluronic acid - as with most skin goodies - is naturally found in our skin. But as time goes by our body loses its source of hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is excellent at attracting water molecules and traps moisture in your skin.


Here at COUI, Retinol (Vitamin A) is undoubtedly one of our favorite skin care ingredients. This ingredient has amazing anti-aging powers as it erases fine lines and wrinkles. A word of caution for those with sensitive skin! Please consult a dermatologist to confirm how much dosage is appropriate. This is because in certain combinations retinol can dry out your skin.


Antioxidants are substances that fight off free radicals and help your skin regain its balance. A very popular antioxidant you might have heard of is vitamin C which is great at preventing signs of aging. Other popular antioxidants include vitamin B3 and vitamin E. Each of these vitamins can boost your skin's health and recovery. Antioxidants also promote skin regeneration.

Coenzyme Q10

This substance reduces any fine lines and wrinkles you might have. Additionally, coenzyme Q10 repairs any damage your skin might have incurred in the sunlight.

Glycolic Acid

As the name suggests this is a naturally found acid that is used very commonly in skincare products. Glycolic acid is great for removing dead skin cells thereby boosting the production of new skin cells.

Dimethylethanolamine (Or DMAE)

This is a carefully produced synthetic chemical that is good for improving your skin health. DMAE helps boost your skin's elasticity and makes it smoother, firmer with fewer wrinkles.


How Lifestyle Affects Your Skin

Lifestyle plays a very important role in determining how well your skin will age. Here are some of the causes of aging skin that you could control and give your skin a fighting chance!


Nicotine is a dangerous substance that damages not only your lungs but affects your skin. The very act of drawing in smoke into your mouth ages your skin and damages the interior lining as well. Smoking ages your skin twice the time and the effects can be seen almost immediately in the form of damaged, dehydrated and cracked skin.

Improper diet

If you have a hectic lifestyle that means you depend on junk food then your skin will show it. Your body can only work with what you give it. And if you have been feeding your body nothing but carbohydrates, fats and oils then your gut will be the first to feel it. The very second thing part of your body to know will be your skin as will be obvious in the mirror the next day.

If you want to prevent or at least control signs of aging then you should take better note of the kind of foods you consume.

Exposure to UV rays

If your job requires you to spend a lot of time in the sun then we recommend you take appropriate precautions. A fact most people don't realize is that a majority of skin damage and skin aging has to do with exposure to the sun.

Yes, too little sunlight could also be unhealthy. What we mean to suggest is that you keep your skin covered with the right product to avoid absorbing too much sunlight, as this could result in premature aging over time.

Not enough sleep

Your body needs sleep to recover and restore your strength. Any damage you might have incurred the day before needs to be addressed while you sleep. However, if your lifestyle does not allow you much sleep then this will severely affect your body's ability to heal on itself.

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When And How Should You Apply Anti-Aging Cream

Ideally, it’s never too early to start skincare but you can keep off anti-aging till you're approaching your late twenties. This is when your skin needs your help in securing the important substances and chemicals it has started to lose.

Of course, skin health varies from person to person. If you find that you don't mind a few lines then you should start at an age more comfortable for you.

Now as for the how: there are a few simple rules you should understand about skincare. Below are some suggestions and helpful hints for men just starting skin care!

Consistency is key

You have to give a product at least three months before you decide it's not working. Your skin is a living organism and needs time to adjust to the products you are introducing to it. Be very consistent with your anti-aging cream and we assure you, you will see results.

If it itches don't touch it

Sure, certain products might sting a little as they remove dead skin cells but if it itches then keep away! Be wary of the signs your skin gives when trying out a product. If a certain cream leaves your skin irritated and sensitive then move on.

Cleanse first then moisturize

Before you apply your cream remember to cleanse your face. By giving your night cream a clean surface to work on your ensuring the product will sink in effortlessly.

Avoid the eyes

Some of the ingredients in your cream are strong and aren't meant for any other part of your body. When applying anti-aging cream remember to avoid the area around your eyes.

COUI Anti-Aging Products vs. The Rest

We've talked about different skin types and the different ingredients that are found in top-quality anti-aging creams. Next, we also discussed some of the ways we tend to damage our skin causing harm and aging. We would like to end this talk by suggesting some of our products that only contain these ingredients but meet your different needs.

Our products are different from the rest in the market in that they combine the best ingredients (see above) to fit all of your needs. You can scan COUI labels to know that we offer tailored solutions for your skin's problems. Here are some that you should consider if you're looking for reliable products.

Phytemanteau Day Cream

Our Phytemanteau Day Cream combines natural ingredients with antioxidants to give you an amazing product. This day cream is light enough to use every day and gives your skin a daily boost.

This day cream hydrates your skin to maintain skin health, provides protection against free radicals and rejuvenates. If you're looking for the best wrinkle cream for men's forehead then this is our recommendation.

Not only is the Phytemanteau Day Cream the best at dealing with forehead lines it also helps you keep your skin moisturized and safe.

Retinol Night Cream

As we mentioned before retinol is a powerful ingredient that can overcome signs of aging. If you're dealing with fine lines and premature wrinkles then this is the best anti-aging cream with retinol for men on the market.

This Retinol Night Cream flushes your skin with hydration while you sleep. You will wake up to find your skin moisturized and plump. As one of the best anti-aging creams with retinol, this product is sure to remove signs of aging effortlessly.

You might be skeptical about keeping on such strong ingredients overnight. However, one of the reasons we can safely declare the retinol night cream as the best anti-aging night cream out there because it is safe to use.

If you're thinking about starting your skin care and you're looking for the men's anti-wrinkle cream with retinol then this is it.

Super C Serum

Are you searching for the best anti-wrinkle cream for men's eyes but you don’t like the sticky feel around the eye area? Use this Super C Serum. It will contribute towards your skin's overall health and reduce all wrinkles around your eyes.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights off free radical and protects your skin. Our Super C Serum will fade fine lines and remove wrinkles.

Revital Face Mask

This rich face mask combines natural ingredients with Coenzyme Q10 to give you refreshed and healthy skin. The Revital Face Mask boosts your skin's natural health by flushing it with strong anti-aging ingredients.

This face mask contains rosehip, almond, avocado, jojoba, and sesame oil. Each of these oils is responsible for giving your skin a plump, even feel. These oils work together to give you firm renewed skin.


In the end, skin care is a deeply personal matter that should be decided after careful consideration. This is why we have prepared this extensive review to give you as much information as possible. We hope you will find what you're looking for and wish you the best of luck on your skin care journey.

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