Our Story - COUI Skincare


It’s a problem.

COUI Skincare’s co-founder, Alessandra Poletti, always have had dry and sensitive skin from when she was a teenager. Sometimes she would get occasional bad breakouts that made her want to stay in bed all day long and not face anyone. She had spent thousands of dollars buying all kinds of different skincare products but none of them really worked for her. She felt hopeless.

One day, she decided enough is enough. She would take this matter into her own hands. She locked herself in her room for days reading about every kind of skincare related articles she could find. What did she discover? By a stroke of luck, she came upon an article by Dr. Hannah Sivak. The article intrigued her so much that it made her reach out to Dr. Sivak for her expertise.

It turned that they had common problems when it came to their skins. The common bond they had strengthened their resolve to fight back against these pesky skin cells. Together, they poured their hearts and souls into formulating a product that would once and for all take care of their skin problems.

Alessandra has an extensive knowledge and resources in plant-based products. Dr. Sivak is a renowned biochemist with over 45 years of experience and a skincare expert. Alessandra travelled the world in search for the finest and freshest natural ingredients she could find. Meanwhile, back in the lab, Dr. Sivak along with her talented assistants were crafting recipes that would maximize the effects of the ingredients.

They worked tirelessly day and night with some occasional tear drops in between. And after more than 300 hours of trials and errors in research and formulas, they had finally came up with a product that worked flawlessly for both of their skins.

Alessandra jumped for joy and screamed “YES! YES!”. Soon, COUI (pronounced “see wii”) Skincare was born. Hence the name.

Now, both Alessandra and Dr. Sivak are enjoying their beautiful, radiant skins they have always dreamed about. Alessandra, a proud mother and wife, is on a mission to spread the joy and love she had discovered to anyone who cares for her or his skin. She admits sometimes she is a bit overwhelming with her enthusiasm for healthy, beautiful skin. Regardless, her husband, Yoel, is her biggest fan and supporter.

COUI Skincare has a line of skincare products that offers the highest quality and most effective natural anti-aging serums and creams. All of the natural ingredients that go into each product is hand-picked by Alessandra. Each ingredient is the finest and freshest nature has to offer.

Alessandra believes you shouldn’t have to pay a large chunk of your hard-earned paycheck to protect your skin. She believes anyone should experience a luxury treatment without going broke especially when it comes to your skin.

Unlike other skincare companies who guarantee their products for only 30 or 60 days, all of COUI Skincare products are backed by 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Alessandra wants COUI members to be 100% happy, not a drop less. Just ask any of the thousands of loyal COUI members around.

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