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Best Procedure For Neck Tightening

If you've been keeping yourself hydrated throughout your twenties it will show in your thirties. Unfortunately, the opposite is also very true.

In olden medicine, physicians would diagnose the ailment of the patient based on what they saw in the skin. Because our skin is the best and first marker of our overall health! And say you were astute enough to invest in the best night creams. This probably means that your face is as youthful and healthy as it was years ago.

But what about the rest of your body! Is it acceptable to abandon the skin on your neck while lavishing your face? Of course not! Especially since the difference between the two could ruin all your hard work and diligence.

If you're interested in finding out more about the neck lines treatment then keep reading. We will be talking about the different options you have when it comes to neck tightening procedures.

But first let’s talk about some of the way our skin changes as we age.

neck wrinkles

Causes of Neck Wrinkles

To an extent, all of us are guilty of neglecting the skin around our neck. We always imagine that the neck is usually protected to a degree because of what we’re wearing. But that does not take into account the actual nature of your neck.

The skin on our necks is actually a lot thinner than that on our face. It has a decidedly less amount of collagen and elastin. This means not only that we neglect a vulnerable feature but also that this feature has fewer proteins to help it cope on its own.

There are however other external factors that affect sagging neck and jowls. For instance people that hunch over their cell phones and laptops. These people are actually helping the process along by putting so much pressure on their neck.

And then there are people that put stress on their neck by sleeping on their sides. Wrinkles along our neck are also caused by lack of exercise. Lastly, one major factor in causing neck wrinkles and sagging jowls is dehydration or facing a lack of nutrients.

The Best Treatment for Sagging Neck and Jowls

There are a number of treatments available for neck wrinkles and sagging jowls. Here are our top recommendations for the best procedures for neck tightening.

Neck Wrinkles Exercises

One of the best treatments for skin rejuvenation is exercise. You cannot possibly begin to realize the store of benefits that can be derived from exercise. It has been proven by multiple studies that exercise releases a number of hormones and chemicals that promote our overall health.

neck exercises

In the same way, there are exercises that promote the firmness of our skin around the mouth. In addition, there are also neck wrinkle exercises that prevent wrinkles and promote smooth skin. Here are some common exercises that could help improve neck jowls:

- You can practice opening your mouth as wide as possible as you yawn without letting your teeth touch. Another thing to remember is that you must close your mouth as slowly as possible.

- Also, you can pucker your lips outwards. Do this while lying down and use your hands to draw the sides of your mouth downward.

- During deep breathing try filling your cheeks with as much air as possible

- Another thing that can be fun to try includes grinning. Try grinning as wide as possible and then tilting your head up and down to promote circulation throughout your skin.

- One way you can condition your skin is to put your lower lip over your upper lip and tilting your head upwards

- You should try chewing while keeping your slightly tilted upward

- You can also hum while keeping your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth

None of these exercises require any particular time limit or extensive equipment. Just make sure to follow some of the exercises one after the other to make sure you have worked your skin all over. You should hold each pose for about five to ten seconds. Be careful about following your exercise routine daily to see some actual results.

How to Get Rid of Horizontal Neck Lines Through Massage Therapy

Admittedly exercise is the best way to start off the repair and healing process. But the same way we need training wheels when we first start riding a bike we need to help our skin too. Our skin needs a support system that aids the healing process that our body is working on.

neck massage

The best support you can give your skin is through regular massages. Through massage therapy, you promote blood circulation and skin firmness. Not only that but massages are actually great for releasing hormones that cause happiness and relieve stress.

It’s important to note what exactly you massage into your skin. The act of massage is only as effective as what you are introducing into your skin.

Some people use essential oils for promoting healing and reducing inflammation. Others look for a specialized neck wrinkle cream that brings focus to their problem. If you want our personal opinion then you should try the COUI Super C Serum. The ingredient that definitely packs a punch in this serum is the EGF or epidermal growth factor. This EGF is excellent for synthesizing collagen. Besides that this skin also carries vitamin C and marine Kelp. These ingredients work together to produce healthy and radiant skin.

Another great option is the use of COUI Phytemanteau Day Cream that aims at hydration. This formula is a mixture of mango seed oil, pomegranate seed and rosehip seed butter amongst other powerful ingredients. Each of these ingredients is an excellent moisturizer and keeps your skin hydrated. Not only that but these ingredients also protects your skin against harmful UV rays and day to day heat.

What Possible Treatment are Available?

Exercising works best for people that are just getting into skin care. For people that have already developed neck wrinkles or sagging jowls exercise can only do so much. Not to say exercise does not help at all. As we said exercise is responsible for releasing a number of important chemicals.

In certain cases, it might be necessary to consult a dermatologist about the various treatments that are available. If you don't feel satisfied with your appearance you might develop anxiety and self-esteem problems.

Rather than let things take that route you can always try treatments that can easily manage your problem. Here are some of the treatments you can consider.


Fillers are compounds that are injected into your skin in spaces where you have lost fat and firmness. They are an effective treatment for sagging jowls because lifting the cheeks directly affects the skin around your neck.

In terms of the latest developments, you can now even have fillers injected into your jowls. How long these fillers last depend on a host of factors. These include your age, your face structure, and your overall health. It has been seen that fillers are most effective for people between the ages of thirty and fifty.

A survey conducted on people that had filler treatments showed that these people were happier and more satisfied. It has also been found that fillers can last between two to four years with treatment.

neck treatment

Neck Lift

One way people can combat sagging jowls is through surgery. If you’re not afraid of hospitals then this is a course of action you can consider. Because neck lifts involve the doctors patiently cutting along your face and neck to reposition fat. This repositioning results in the excess fat moving towards your face and neck. These are the areas where you are losing smoothness.

Neck lifts also involve the doctor to lift the skin of your neck and tightening the surrounding muscles. Although neck lifts are widely sought after they are also very expensive. Not to mention neck lifts also carry a risk of infection and scarring as with other surgeries.


If you are not a fan of surgery don’t be disheartened! There are plenty of other options for you to consider such as Ultherapy.

This is a method of treatment that uses ultrasound therapy to promote long term production of collagen within your skin. This is a type of treatment that can be accomplished in one sitting.

You don’t have to take any special precautions post therapy and can just go back to your normal routine. It has been seen in patients that there is a continuous production of collagen even a long time after the therapy.

Results from the therapy have also shown an increase in firmness and smoothness of the skin.


There is another less invasive form of treatment known as radiotherapy. This form of therapy involves using intense heat focus on reaching the deep layers of your skin. This is done in the hopes of affecting your collagen and elastin.

This deep heat treatment aims at causing the collagen to recoil inside your skin in order to promote tightening. Another way this therapy works is by tricking your body that some damage has occurred. Your body floods your system with healing chemicals and proteins to repair damaged skin.

Final Thoughts

Aging is a natural process that shows that we have moved forward and have grown as people. However, if we are not comfortable with our appearance then we have every right to seek treatment! Especially since our skin deserves a little care and attention after everything that it goes through.

If you’re not comfortable with medical procedures then you can consult dermatologists for less invasive treatments. But remember the key to skin care is routine and regulation. If you have decided to take better care of your skin then you can’t just stop after a few days. You need to give your skin lots of nutrition and hydration in order to keep it healthy.

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