Our Expertise - COUI Skincare


The COUI secret is in the science: each product is formulated upon pure active ingredients proven to work. No fillers, no extras.

And behind the science is the scientist.

You can have fabulous ingredients but that’s not enough – you need the perfect formulations that ensure all ingredients are performing to their maximum potential.

That’s where Dr. Hannah Sivak came in.

With more than 45 years as a biochemist and skincare expert, Dr. Sivak had the very credentials we were looking for.

Understanding the science of aging and the interactions of the best skincare actives, Dr. Sivak created the brilliant serums that would form the backbone of the COUI skincare line.

With the right science, conducted by the right scientist, we have created the finest products that the skincare industry has to offer.

We make sure every drop is filled with love for your skin.


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