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How To Tighten Face Skin Naturally At Home

We all have days where we might not like what we see in a mirror. With age our body will change but so will our thoughts and emotions. There is no growth without a little loss here and there.

As for the physical changes you might notice in your face or skin…well, those are perfectly removable. Your skin will never be as it was when you were younger but then neither will you. The question is do you want to try and give your body the best to get what you want?

If you want tips on tightening your face naturally with some easy home remedies then keep reading. But first...

Causes Behind Sagging Skin

Changes start in our body a long time before you even start to see the physical signs. Collagen is a very important hormone that is responsible for regeneration and repair. As we age our body starts to lose its ability to produce as much collagen as it used to. This is why you need to keep your skin hydrated to help it as much as you can. Because as the collagen starts to break down you will notice wrinkles all over your body!

Here are some of the causes behind sagging skin.

unhealthy food

Unhealthy foods

Unfortunately, we had to go there! Yes, some of the foods that we consume as guilty pleasure have a long time effect. Our body can only work with what we put into it. If we give our body fatty foods and lots of sugar then that is what our body will use. Not to mention the energy it takes your body to breakdown and distributes sugar! Unhealthy foods not only fail to provide adequate energy but also deplete your existing store.

Sudden weight loss or pregnancy

If you or a close friend has recently had a baby then you will notice obvious changes. Not just all over your body but in your face. It’s almost the same as when someone loses too much weight suddenly. This is because your body needed to redistribute the weight that was presently there.

Except after you’ve lost weight your skin no longer needs to hold as much weight as it used to. This may cause your skin to sag in the places you’ve lost weight.

Lack of a skincare routine

Hectic schedules and hardworking people are never very kind to their bodies. But as busy as you are you need to set aside some time for yourself! This means having a skincare routine that helps your body take care of you. People that don’t have a proper skin care routine start to see the consequences pretty early because of their exhausting routines.


As we mentioned before as we get older our body gets a little slower. Nutrients and restorative substances that are found naturally in our body start to run low. Connective tissue which holds our skin together starts to weaken and break.

Our face starts to lose some of the fat that we had carried over from childhood. This means our skin starts to sag in the places where it has met with the most neglect.

Tips To Tighten Your Face At Home

As we grow older it is natural that we will look a little different. However! We have every right to love the way we look or work towards the way we want to look. Remember, healthy skin is beautiful skin!

Here are some of the forms of face tightening treatment you can try at home.

face cleansing

Regular cleansing

One way to help your face shed some sagging skin is to cleanse your skin daily. You can use some natural ingredients to make ease scrubs for quick cleansing sessions. These cleansing sessions are helpful because they will remove dead skin cells and dirt particles on your face. This will help to promote the growth of healthier skin!

One of the best natural exfoliating agents out there is coffee. You can mix coffee ground with coconut oil (also great for skin) and cinnamon (another natural exfoliator) for a great scrub.

But if you don’t have time to prepare the scrubs, you can try our COUI Pure Facial Cleansing Gel that is guaranteed to keep your skin clean and refreshed! The gentle exfoliating power in this gel cleanses your skin to remove dead and damaged skin. This gel helps remove impurities to give you bright glowing skin.


You cannot begin to imagine the many benefits of a simple massage. As you massage your skin you are helping to stimulate blood flow. And of course, improved blood flow means faster healing and better skin. If you massage your face for as little as five minutes EVERY DAY you will see a noticeable difference. But a massage treatment will go even better if you use an oil or a cream to do it.

If you decided to massage your face then try an essential oil. You can use lavender oil, rosemary oil or olive oil. Lavender oil has natural antibacterial and cooling properties that will help moisturize your skin. The same is true for the healing powers of rosemary oil. In ancient times olive oil was used as a cleanser, moisturizer and massage oil. Olive oil will go a long way towards removing skin toxins.

If you want skin tightening cream for face to use in your massage then you can try our COUI Retinol Night Cream. This night cream is a powerful mix of multivitamins designed to heal and rebuild your skin as you sleep. Retinol helps generate collagen naturally and removes fine lines as well as wrinkles.

The COUI Retinol Night Cream hydrates your skin and improves skin texture. You can make this night cream a part of your daily massage routine and see a visible difference!


Exercise not only boosts blood flow but also better diet and health. Exercise will help increase blood flow and healing in your skin. Besides that exercise is also excellent for building muscle and tightening the skin where it might be sagging.


Skin tightening foods for face

You cannot avoid water if you want to maintain the moisture in your skin. But besides water, you also need to consume the right kind of vitamins and minerals.

Fatty fish like mackle or salmon are really great for the skin. They add to your body's supply of minerals and help improve your skin. If you're not a fan of fish then maybe you can try fruits and dry fruits.

Walnuts contain incredible oils that boost your health immediately. If you want healthy skin then you should try walnuts in desserts. Just remember to cut down on the sugar in said desserts! Sunflower seeds can serve as a delicious mini snack and are also great for your skin.

Avocados have a great taste and a smooth texture. This is a fruit that is rich in nutrients and can great for your skin! Other foods that you can try are bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. We never said that you should stop enjoying food. Only that you should try foods that taste good and give you lots of energy!

Face Tightening Masks

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love a good spa day? Even if you don’t have time to visit the spa for the day you can always try a skin treatment at home! If you’re really into home remedies then you should some of these face tightening masks!

yogurt mask

Yogurt mask

You can try a simple yogurt mask? Yogurt tastes delicious and is full of protein! You can even apply yogurt directly to your skin to remove fine lines and tighten skin. But if you want the best effect then you should mix yogurt with a little lime juice. This mixture will cleanse and tighten your skin.

Cucumber mask

Incidentally, cucumbers are great for providing some needed hydration. You can crush cucumbers into a paste and mix some vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is the absolute go-to mineral that you need for healthy, exuberant skin. You only need the right amount for the skin you need!

Aloe Vera mask

Aloe Vera in another ingredient that is wonderful for boosting skin health. Aloe Vera promotes skin healing and cleansing. You can prepare your own store of Aloe Vera gel or you can get some at your local skincare shop.

Aloe Vera gel basically absorbs anything you mix into it to make a great face mask. You can mix some honey into some aloe vera gel for a quick face mask.

Honey and turmeric face mask

Honey has powerful healing properties and turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. You can mix some honey with turmeric powder for a convenient face mask that is great for clearing and tightening skin on your face.

COUI Revital Face Mask

If you don’t have time to prepare natural face mask for tightening skin then you should try our COUI Revital Face Mask. This face mask is a powerful mix of multivitamins and some of the best healing agents in nature. This face mask contains rosehip seed oil, avocado oil, sesame seed oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil.

These oils repair damaged skin, heal fine lines, regenerate new skin cells as well as hydrate your skin. The COUI Revital Face Mask pampers and protects your skin to provide smoother texture. Not only that but these oils are bound together with Vitamin A, glycerin and Coenzyme Q10. These vitamins repair previous damage and synthesize collagen production.

Wrap Up

We’ve talked about factors that cause the skin to sag as well as what you can do to improve or remove these effects. Our body gives us a clear reflection of our priorities and choices. If you want people to see someone that loves themselves and takes care of themselves then you need to put in the work for that! The key thing in skin care is healthy eating, exercise but also consistency. Once you've found your routine you need to stick to it!

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