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Best Treatment For Sagging Neck And Jowls

It’s possible that you might not have had the best skin care routine or maybe you didn’t have the time for it? That’s completely acceptable as long as you met your needs and upheld your priorities. Now, now that those late nights and hot days are catching up to you…you’ll start to notice a difference. Your skin won’t be as shiny as yesterday and your neck won’t be as smooth or firm.

Again, don't feel too bad! You'd be surprised to know that of the people that do have a skin care routine. Some of them completely ignore the needs of their neck. And it shows. As time wears on the first signs appear in the form of sagging skin. People around you might suggest laser skin tightening surgery. But, what, if you don't want to? What if you don't want an invasive surgery just for sagging neck and jowls?

So if you're looking for the best procedure for neck tightening and non-surgical face lifts for jowls then keep reading!

First, though let us discuss some of the habits you really need to get a hold of.

causes of sagging neck and jowls

What Causes Sagging Neck And Jowls?

Before we get into some reliable skin tightening treatments for face let's talk about some of the things that cause the skin to sag. Of course, there are natural causes such as aging or genetics that are worth discussing but nothing you can control. But there are also environmental factors that are more harmful then you think. This is why we've made a list of the things that cause sagging in the neck and jowls.

Loss of natural protection

Collagen and elastin are powerful chemicals that exist naturally within our skin.

Collagen is a connective tissue that is responsible for holding your skin together. It is also responsible for generating the production of new skin cells and healing.

Elastin, on the other hand, helps your skin firm and smooth. Over time as we age our body starts to lose its ability to produce collagen and elastin. And so when the chemicals holding the fats in our face together disappear: gravity takes over.

Some of the adorable fat that rounded out the face in our youth sags down into our neck and jowls.

Genetic tendency

It is quite possible that even with the best care you might notice your jowls start to deepen before your time. Some people have a genetic tendency for deep jowls. If either of your parents has jowls then you might develop them a little earlier in life.

Lifestyle habits

As we said there are certain factors that we have no control over and are only natural. But then there are habits that are bad for us and are more readily changeable.

Pregnancy and weight loss

When your body is accustomed to a certain amount of weight it sorts gets thrown off balance when you lose it. Weight loss which is voluntary or as a result of having given birth, usually leaves your body a little disoriented. The skin that was wrapped snug around some solid weight starts to hang empty in places.

Overexposure to sunlight

If you’ve made it a habit to travel in the sun without the proper protection then it will soon start to show. Excessive sunlight damages the collagen and regeneration properties in your skin.

Improper posture

If you’ve noticed yourself hunching over your laptop and around your phone then you are not doing your body any favors. These subtle gestures are programming the fat in your body to hand forward and create sagging skin and jowls. Next time you see you approach your laptop to be warned! You have every right to enjoy your free time… just try to take better care of your neck in the meantime, okay?

Best Treatment For Sagging Neck and Jowls

There are a number of treatments available for neck tightening without surgery. Here are some of the ways you can improve and treat sagging neck and jowls.



One of the best ways to put new life back into your skin is through exercise. It has been attested by studies in the past that exercise is the key to the fast renewal of damaged cells and accelerated healing.

Daily and continuous exercise will help increase firmness in your skin. Additionally, through exercise, you can gain healthier, smoother skin. Here are some exercises that help with sagging neck and jowls.

- In this exercise, you open your mouth as wide as you can manage and then yawn without letting your teeth touch. After each round tries to close your mouth as slow as possible.

- You'll need to lie down for this next exercise. First, pucker your lips out and then use your hands to draw the sides of your mouth in a downward motion.

- Relax your face and refresh it with loads of energy by filling your mouth with as much air as possible. Try to hold it in for a few seconds before releasing.

- Moreover, you can increase the circulation of blood throughout your skin by grinning while you tilt your head up and down.

- You could also start chewing while keeping your head tilted slightly upward.

Participating in these exercises every day will only take a few minutes of yours. You don’t anything more than a strict schedule that reminds you to take five minutes out for your skin.


Massage therapy

Exercise is the best way to get the healing process going. But if you really want to see some remarkable results then you should try massaging therapy. We're not suggesting you spend hours every other day at the spa! We're sure you can barely find the time in your busy schedule to plan the visit. No, you can try massaging therapy at home using your own hands and some healing oils.

You'd be surprised what a daily five-minute massage can accomplish over time. Massages promote blood circulation and skin repair process. All you need are some essential oils that will reduce skin sag and promote healthier skin. For massages, lavender and argon oil are ideal but you can always choose according to your personal preference.

Creams and serums

But if you’re not very comfortable rubbing oil into your skin twice a day then you can try something else. We recommend our COUI Natural Vitamin C Serum with powerful antioxidants.

We all know that vitamin C is an incredible skin restorative. The COUI Natural Vitamin C Serum has been designed to promote the production of collagen and elastin. This serum reduces signs of aging, spots and fine lines. The powerful antioxidants come together to flush your skin with glow and health.

If you're looking for a reliable staple in your skin care regiment then we suggest you try this serum for yourself. Now understandably there are those of us that can't find the time for massages in the morning. Well, how about a quick recover session before bed?

You can massage our COUI Retinol Night Cream into your skin and spot an immediate difference. The multivitamins in this night cream get to work immediately to improve your skin.

This night cream is designed to clean your pores, heal fine lines and wrinkles as well as promote healthy skin growth. This night cream is packed with hydrating elements that restore your skins natural healing ability.

And if you're looking for the perfect cleanser to kick off your skincare routine then you should consider our COUI Pure Cleansing Facial Gel. This cleansing gel is guaranteed to wipe down your skin and refresh it for the next day.

If you want to improve the sagging skin around your neck and jowls then you need to treat it to some love and care. Try by spending as little as five to ten minutes a day massaging our vitamin C serum or night cream into your skin. You will see an obvious difference.

Alternative Treatment

A healthier lifestyle, exercise, and massages can help you move towards a better outcome. But for those of us that have some noticeable sagging around the neck and jowls, there is an alternative course of action needed.

Here are some of the treatments involved that you can try.


When you lose weight suddenly or even over time it can leave your skin sagging, you can always consult a dermatologist and get some filler. Fillers are compounds that can be injected into your skin in the necessary places.

People use fillers to fill in the spaces where the skin is sagging. Fillers are immediately effective as they help to lift your cheeks and remove the weight on your neck.

You can even have fillers injected into our jowls to help lift them up. How long fillers last depend on a number of factors. Your age, health, and face structure can determine how long the fillers last.


For those of you that absolutely do not want anything to be injected into your skin, there are other solutions. You can try Ultherapy! This is a procedure that involves the use of ultrasound therapy to promote collagen production.

This procedure is non-invasive and can be achieved in as few as one or two sittings. The best part is you don’t have to waste time in recovery! You can just go back to your regular life the next day.

This procedure has proven effective in promoting longtime production of collagen naturally. Results from the procedure reveal a marked firmness and smoothness in the skin.


Lastly, we have radiotherapy! This is a form of treatment that involves using high heat to promote healing in your skin. Heat focused on certain parts of your face to reach the collagen within your skin.

The treatment uses just enough heat to convince your body some damage has been made. And in order to repair this damage, your body activates healing mechanisms thus renewing your skin.

In Conclusion

It is never too late to try something new and get what you want. If you want smoother skin that is firm then it is perfectly possible to achieve that. Just remember to consult a doctor and find what best works for you and your overall health.

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