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How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Some of us can learn to ignore the fine lines around our eyes. Aging is natural, after all. And then there are those of us that wonder if there is anything we can do. If there is anything, we might do differently to reduce the puffiness around our eyes so, if there is some way to remove the wrinkles under our eyes!

The good news is that there are plenty of options available that meet your needs. And if you’re interested in what we have to say about it then keep reading!

Causes of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Before we can start talking about the different treatments available for wrinkles under eyes, let's talk about the root of this issue. What are the factors that can cause wrinkles under the eyes? Is there anything we can do to prevent them altogether?

Here, are some of the factors that can cause or worsen wrinkles under eyes over time.

unhealthy diet

Insufficient diet:

Your body processes what you put inside it to produce the energy you need from day to day. If you only eat junk food with high levels of fat and sugar then your body will not thank you. We don't mean you should give up on your treats altogether. Only that you should cut back on the snacks and give your body some well-needed, nourishing foods.

Remember, if your body doesn’t get what it needs, it will show. The first place you’ll notice is on your face and right under your eyes.

sun exposure

Excessive UV exposure

There’s nothing as refreshing as a walk in the morning sunlight. Sunlight early in the morning is a great source of mild and healing vitamins. However, sunlight at any other time of the day for is a lot harsher, especially if your skin is unprotected.

One of the major causes of long-term skin damage is proven to be caused by excessive exposure to the sun. If you spend a lot of time in the sun without protecting your skin will lose all its vital nutrients. This will make your skin age faster in all of your vulnerable spots, especially the wrinkles. Thus, making the wrinkles under your eyes that much worse!

sleep schedule

Inappropriate sleep schedule

We cannot stress this enough because you need to get some sleep! Your brain never really shuts off but rather assigns certain tasks to particular times of the day. During the day, your body is free to eat, work and generally live your life.

Guess what time of the day your body decides to heal itself and recharge? Exactly, it's when you settle down to sleep! Your brain never wastes a single moment of your time. This is why while you're sleeping, your body processes whatever food you have had and rebuilds itself.

And this is also why when you fail to get enough to charge for the next day it shows. The wrinkles under your eyes serve to tell you that you don't have the energy for the day, plain and simple.

How To Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

Now here’s the fun part! As impossible as it might be to believe it is completely possible to reverse these damages. We can recommend some of how you can reduce and prevent wrinkles under eyes.

To be clear only if you decide to control the lifestyle factors that damage your skin can you benefit from these treatments. So, if you’re willing to take that step towards a healthier lifestyle, here are some of the treatments you can tray.

Under Wrinkles Treatment

If you’re worried about the wrinkles under your eyes then here is a few lifestyle changes we would like to suggest.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise, even of the smallest duration can help reduce wrinkles in a big way. Exercise helps promote blood circulation throughout your body. And healthy blood circulation, in turn, helps your body heal itself and recover from damages. This means fewer or no wrinkles as your body is healing itself regularly.

Healthy meals

Your body can only process and use for energy what you provide. If you’re having trouble with dull skin and wrinkles, look to your food. You need to flood your body with fresh fruits and vegetables to give it the necessary energy. We suggest foods that are full of iron. Iron not only rejuvenates blood cells but also increases blood circulation.

Proper rest

We understand how hard it is to manage sleep in today's fast-paced work environments. But you need to manage your schedule so that you can get enough sleep to do your job and stay healthy.

Home Remedies For Wrinkles Under Eyes

We understand if you feel more comfortable trying homemade remedies. This is why we suggest some home remedies that you can try to reduce under-eye wrinkles.

egg white mask

Egg white mask

Eggs are full of protein and provide you with a lot of energy. You can also use eggs as a part of your beauty regime! For this simple remedy, you will need two eggs. First, you should separate the whites from the egg yolks. Next, you need to whisk the egg whites until they froth.

Apply this frothy mixture beneath your eyes and allow it to dry. Egg whites are excellent for providing your skin with nutrients and tightening the skin. Once the eggs white mix has dried, you can wash it off with warm water. You will notice a difference within the first few uses.

cucumber mask

Cucumber mask

Cucumbers are a great source of moisture, especially for skin that is depleted. For this treatment, all you need is a cucumber and a blender. Firstly, chop up ¼ of cucumber into small pieces. Secondly, mash these pieces in a blender into a paste. You can also use a fork to smash the pieces into a thin paste. Finally, you can apply this paste beneath your eyes and leave it for about fifteen minutes. Once the fifteen minutes have passed you may wash it off.

ginger honey paste

Ginger and honey paste

Spicing up your food isn’t the only thing ginger is good for. Ginger is an amazing wrinkle fighter that promotes blood circulation and healing. Meanwhile, honey is dripping with nutrients that sink right into your skin. For this recipe, you need one teaspoon of ginger extract and one teaspoon honey. Mix both ingredients well and apply them beneath your eyes. As we said, ginger helps promote blood circulation, and you can boot this by massaging this paste into your skin. Leave the paste on for about an hour before rinsing it off.



One of the best ways to promote blood circulation and boost healing is through massage. All you need are minutes of your time, something to massage into your face and small circling motions. Massages don't have to be hours and hours to be effective! It is the very idea of applying slow pressure to your skin to promote blood circulation that relieves your skin.

A daily five minute can go a long way towards improving your skin health and mental health. Massages serve not only to circulate blood but also relieve any built-up tension. For the massage simply take oil or cream (your choice) and apply it into your skin using a small circular motion. You can massage the rest of your face as well as under your eyes to get brighter skin.

If you’re interested then here are some of the oils, we recommend you use for your massage sessions.

rosemary oil

Rosemary oil

This essential oil is good for removing dirt and dead skin cells from your body. A daily five-minute massage using rosemary oil will not only boost your skin health but also promote warmth and blood circulation. When massaging the area under your eyes don’t use circular motions. You need to massage right under your eye and bring your finger back and forth to stimulate blood.

castor oil

Castor oil

This oil contains dozens of healing benefits for all over your body. Castor can instigate hair growth as well as remove dead skin cells. You can also use Castor oil to promote the growth of fresh skin cells. Warm some Castor oil and gently massage it under your eyes. You should wear the oil throughout the night as you sleep and only rinse it off the next morning. Continued use will yield results in the form of visibly brighter skin.

avocado oil

Avocado oil

Avocado is full of nutritional goodness and is good for you in whatever form you use it in. You can use avocado oil as a lubricant to massage under your eyes daily. Avocado will promote blood circulation as well as overall skin health.

As we said before, you get to decide what kind of lubricant in the order, you introduce to your skin. If you're not comfortable using oils in your massage routine, then we have just the products for you. You can always apply under eye wrinkle creams that are designed to boost skin health and remove wrinkles.

Below we'll be discussing some of our products that would that you can use to remove under eye wrinkles.

COUI Luscious Eye Cream

COUI specializes in combining science and nature in a harmonious blend designed to improve your skin health. The Luscious Eye Cream provides your skin with the moisture it needs. Our secret weapon is a strong boost of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) that stimulates healing and regeneration on a cellular level.

The Luscious Eye Cream is the best cream for under eye wrinkle treatment because its formula is designed to cleanse impurities and brighten up dull spots gently. We’ve included just the right amount of caffeine to remove puffiness and dark circles. You can use our luscious eye cream as a lubricant to massage under your eyes. If you’re interested in treatment for your whole face, then we have just the cream for you.

Retinol Night Cream

One of the tried and tested treatments for wrinkles under eyes is Retinol. This is why we have based our night cream around this powerful vitamin. Retinol regenerates skin cells as well as promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin are proteins that are responsible for keeping your skin firm and moisturized. Our Retinol Night Cream is designed to provide your skin with the needed moisture and heal it overnight. You can make this night cream a staple of your nighttime routine and remove all your unwanted wrinkles.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a way to fight away the wrinkles before they form, then you should try our day cream.

Phytemanteau Day Cream

Our Phytemanteau Day Cream is designed to meet all your skin's needs. Wrinkles form when your skin faces sun exposure without any protection. In the sunlight, our skin loses all of its nutrients and dries out. Once our skin is dry, it collects in wrinkles in our most vulnerable spots. The first places where wrinkles start to appear around our eyes and our neck. This is because these spots are particularly weak in protection.

This day cream hydrates our skin as well as providing a steel barrier against external. Our unique formula combines premium ingredients to renew your skin and remove the years. If you want the perfect daily routine for keeping wrinkles at bay, then you should try our Super C Serum.

Super C Serum

Vitamin C is a powerful force against the ravages of time. This vitamin works to promote cell regeneration, production of collagen and elastin while providing protection. Our Super C Serum hones the power of vitamin C and combines it with hydrolyzed collagen, marine kelp, and hyaluronic acid.

This combination comes together to give you brighter, healthier and noticeably younger skin!


We hope now you know some of the useful ways you may get wrinkles under your eyes and many ways you can fight them back! Aging is natural, of course, but you should never give up trying to achieve the look you want. If you want fresher, brighter skin then it is completely within your reach. All you have to do is design your lifestyle around the life you want. This will help you achieve results much faster. Best of luck!

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