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How To Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles

Aging is a fact of life. There is nothing we can do but accept it and try to make the best of our growing wisdom. However! That does not mean we give in to the elements and stop taking care of ourselves. How we treat ourselves and the level of effort we are willing to put in each day determines how happy we are. And if you want to evade the effects of time then you’re going to have to put in a little time and a little effort. But trust us; it will be worthwhile when you see the results written across your face!

In this article, we're going to talk about different ways to remove fine lines and wrinkles under eyes. If this has been an issue for you – or someone you know – read through to the end to find the most suitable treatment option for you! But first:

What Causes Under Eye Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

We all know that aging involves a decline in the production of certain chemicals. Collagen and elastin are two such naturally occurring proteins that are responsible for skin welfare. As we grow older our body starts to lose its ability to pump out these minerals naturally. And this is where you need to step in and take a more active role!

If our body starts to slow down the production process then we need to take steps to help it recover. Moreover, we need to take steps to ensure we don't do anything that hinders normal body function! Below is a list of lifestyle choices that might be speeding up your aging process.

sun exposure

Exposure to UV rays from the sun

UV rays can cause a world of lasting and irreparable damage to your skin. If you go outside without the proper protection you are not only risking fine lines but health issues. Prolonged exposure to the sun can even cause terminal diseases.

If you want to avoid all of this damage just remember: sunscreen. From now on you need to wear a healthy layer of good sunscreen before you leave the house. Sunscreen not only protects you from the sun but preserves the moisture within your skin.

lack of sleep

Inadequate sleep

We all know our brain never really sleeps. It merely switches out different functions during different times of the day. Day time means productive activity and constant motion. Night time usually involves rest and regeneration.

Our body initiates the repair process once we have slipped into a deep sleep. But the deep sleep takes time and varies from person to person. If you don't maintain a proper sleep schedule and give your body enough time to fall into a deep sleep then you are causing some serious damage.

Your body needs enough time to heal and repair the damage that you have suffered on a daily basis. If you don't resolve your sleep issues you are bound to find some premature lines all across your face.

skin care routine

No skin care routine

Ideally, we should work towards keeping our skin protected from as early an age as possible. But if you’re late to the skin care game then don’t panic. To this day many people don’t realize that prevention is far better than cure! If you see wrinkles start to form around your eyes then it could be that you don’t have a good skin care routine. Maybe you don’t have a skin care routine at all!

If you want to keep fine lines and wrinkles away then you need to invest in good skincare. It doesn't have to be anything fancy! Just remember to keep your skin hydrated and protected at all times. Once you have this down you can slowly work up to cleansing your skin as required.


Insufficient diet

Our body does a really good job of reflecting what we put into it. If you don't give your body the essential nutrients it needs to build itself back up then it will start to show. Your skin will start to look dull and gravity will take its toll. With each day you'll see that your skin will start to sag downwards. Whereas, your under-eye wrinkles will start to become more pronounced!

This is because your body is trying to tell you something. Feed me! Your body is trying to say. Feed me something good so I can repair the damage. If you’re not taking care to obtain your daily nutrition then it might start to show in the form of lines and wrinkles.



One of the fastest ways to ruin your skin and mark it permanently is through smoking. Cigarettes carry dangerous toxins that you breathe into your body. These toxins need to be eliminated so as to avoid permanent damage. But this process ends up draining all of your energy and it shows all across your face.

If you find that the lines under your eyes are becoming more defined than a key cause could be your smoking. And if you want to repair the damage done then the first step must involve abandoning this habit altogether.



Aging is a natural process and it changes our appearance over time in one way or another. That doesn't mean that you should abandon all effort and sit back. You can continue to care for your body so that you are no more then you're supposed to. In fact, you can take care to minimize most signs of aging to maintain a healthy, well-kept look.

How To Remove Wrinkles Under Your Eyes

In this section, we will cover some of the different treatments you can try in order to remove fine lines and wrinkles. We've made sure to cover everything between home remedies and medical treatment so you can consider all your options!



One of the biggest reasons for wrinkles under eyes is lack of circulation. Fatigue and insufficient can make it so your body doesn't have enough time to repair all wear. Here's a solution you can try at home: a massage. The best way to stimulate healing is by regulating blood circulation.

Massaging is the best way to instigate blood circulation. The constant flow of fresh blood around your eyes will get rid of those wrinkles in no time. What we suggest is that you make room in your schedule for a five-minute massage right before bed. One more thing that could really boost healing is using essential oil.

One of the easiest home remedies for under eye wrinkles is to use essential oils to massage your skin. We recommend that you use oils such as frankincense, lavender or raised hip. Frankincense has amazing anti-aging properties that visibly lessen under eye wrinkles with continuous use. On the other hand, lavender is great for cleansing and relaxing the skin. A gentle massage using lavender oil will really help get the blood flowing.

We all know the amazing healing qualities of roses used very commonly in skin care. Rosehip is extracted from seeds of rose bushes. This oil is excellent for providing your skin with moisture and lessening fine lines under your eyes.

If you're not comfortable using oils on your skin then you can always use an eye cream. If you're interested then keep reading for an eye cream that combines the best of nature and science to give you flawless results.

Eye masks

A good option for inducing healing and recovery is eye masks. If you're thinking of investing in an eye mask then think about getting one with milk and honey. You can't go wrong with an egg eye mask either as the protein promotes skin health.

You can customize eye masks to suit your tastes. In fact, it is recommended that you use fresh ingredients regularly to boost blood flow and regeneration. And if you're using natural ingredients remember to keep their expiry date in mind.

Eye Cream For Removing Under Eye Wrinkles

As we mentioned earlier if you don’t want to experiment with the delicate balance of your skin then you can always use a reliable eye cream. When looking for eye cream is careful to read the list of ingredients to check for the natural ingredients. Ideally, these creams should include anti-oxidants and vitamin C serum. You want to promote healing of old wrinkles as well as boosting cell regeneration. Vitamin C is excellent for fading dark spots and brightening the skin.

With that being said, allow us to recommend you our COUI Luscious Eye Cream. This product combines natural ingredients with powerful peptides to refresh, hydrate and smooth your skin.

The essential oils in this eye cream feel luxurious to apply across your skin. Jojoba seed oil works to control oil production and enhances skin firmness. Whereas the avocado oil promotes improved skin texture while the pomegranate seed oil improves skin health. Grape seed extract brightens your skin to give you a natural glow.

There are just some of the natural ingredients to be found in our special blend. They couple with other high-end ingredients to reduce puffiness and dark circles. This formula helps brighten and liven formerly dull skin for a fresh look.

Despite the rich blend of ingredients, our Luscious Eye Cream is actually very light on application. It absorbs easily into the skin without causing any excess greasiness. This is no doubt one of the best under eye wrinkle filler creams out there.

Medical Treatments For Fine Lines And Wrinkles

If you’re looking for fast results then you can always try medical treatments for under eye wrinkles. There are different medical treatments you can try to overcome the wrinkles and fine lines. You could ask a dermatologist for dermal fillers or Botox to improve skin texture.

Or you could try microdermabrasion, micro-needling, and laser resurfacing to completely restructure your skin. These procedures might deliver quick results but at the end of the day, they are legitimate medical treatments. This means that they will a little expensive and might even require you to take some time off to recover.


Your eyes are the mirror of your soul. And your skin is a reflection of your self-worth. If you value yourself enough to take adequate rest, eat healthy food and maintain a basic skin care routine then it will show. But if you continue to grind away at every work day without giving your body time to recover then that will also show. If you found your way to this article then we hope you find the perfect solution. We also hope that you take care to overcome the habits that damage your skin, to begin with!

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