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Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum Review

Welcome to this Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum review. In this post, we will explain how this specific formula works wonders as an anti-aging solution. Dermatologists and beauty bloggers across the world express their love regarding vitamin C serums, their effectiveness and how they can bring back the glow of your skin that you had when you were young.

The serums have been gaining immense popularity and women across the globe now use it as an active beauty product. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is essential for the skin because it has highly potent antioxidants. It can stimulate the development of collagen, which makes your skin glow and look younger.

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Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that these serums cannot be used as a sunscreen.

It does keep your delicate skin well-protected from damage throughout the day due to sunlight and various air pollutants. Vitamin C serums have ingredients that will make your skin firm and diminish wrinkles or fine lines. It also improves the tone of your skin after use.

Cosmetic Skin Solutions has been one of the most renowned brands to develop these little anti-aging miracles. Therefore, we are reviewing the Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum. This Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum review will provide you with guidance regarding what advantages it has over its competitors.

Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum Review

The Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum is one of the best vitamin C serums that you can find on the market. The Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid and Ferulic Acid working into an advanced formula.

Furthermore, it contains 20% pure vitamin C, and comes in a 30ml bottle with 1 ounce of fluid. You can use the complete skin solution vitamin C serum as your daily skin care regimen because even with its high acidity, it is safe to use on your face without any irritation.

The Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum has the tendency to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin and give it back the glow it once had. The 20% concentrated vitamin in this serum provides your skin with enough nutrients and moisture to make it look young again in no time.

Moreover, this serum is capable of removing or diminishing scars caused by acne by keeping the pores and breakout to a minimum level. The serum is also effective in fading out any brown spots that your skin might have and also prevents the development of pigments.


With the help of this serum, you can immediately start your skin care regime because its advanced formula has all natural ingredients. They are extracted from natural sources and are integrated with the concentrated vitamin to provide your skin with the extra care and special treatment that it deserves.

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Not all vitamin C cosmetics are healthy for your skin because they don’t have natural ingredients and this is where this company has an advantage over the other anti-aging products. Some products even cause irritation for sensitive skins but with Cosmetic Skin Solutions, this is not the case.

It helps to retain moisture within your skin and you don't have to bother about any irritation. The serum is suitable for all ages as well as all skin types even the most sensitive ones.

Say goodbye to irritations

When someone talks about vitamin C serums, some women may start to think about irritations and be afraid to use vitamin C products. With the Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum, you can say goodbye to irritation. The serum is made of natural extracts to help cure all skin issues. You might feel a mild tingling in your skin during the application but this is good.

Treat your dull skin

All natural ingredients used in its advanced formula work together to manage the dullness of your skin. Therefore, it can also improve the skin tone dramatically over time. Plus, it can help with larger pores and keep your skin firm while protecting it from various pollutants and dirt.

How to use this serum

Women with normal or oily skin can use approximately half of the dropper after cleansing or toning their skin. Apply it on the whole face and make sure to gently massage the serum using your palms to work it into the pores. Let the skin absorb the serum.

Women with sensitive skin should prepare their face with a toner right after cleansing. Take approximately three to four drops of Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C serum for application on the face. For extra sensitive skin, mix the serum with your preferred lotion and use it frequently until your skin becomes used to it.


Don’t forget to store your serum in a dry and cool place such as a refrigerator. This will prevent any discoloration of the fluid. If you observe a slight change of color, don’t worry it doesn’t vary the effects of the serum. Keep in mind to use the serum within two to three months after opening the bottle.

The vitamin C cosmetics are best suited to use during the day. You can apply it with your sunscreen. Keep in mind that you will feel a slight tingling effect if you are using such serums for the first time. This tingling is caused by the difference pH levels in the serum and your skin.


- Mild exfoliation to eradicate dead skin cells and improve the tone of skin while reducing large pores

- Effective for all skin types and ages

- The natural extracts used in the advanced formula don’t cause irritation

- The serum can be used under moisturizer, primer, and sunblock

- Works well with sensitive skins


- Feels greasy if not massaged properly into the skin

- Not the best for hyperpigmentation

Comparison with COUI’s Super C Serum

COUI’s Super C Serum is equipped with an innovative formula with groundbreaking technologies in the field of anti-aging serums. No wonder it is named as Super C because it has Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that works great and is uniquely found COUI serums.

This factor is an advantage for this company when compared to other vitamin C products available on the market. This EGF has the tendency to synthesize new collagen and work on other areas of your skin. The serum works well as an anti-aging product because it can get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to the EGF, the ingredients of this Super C serum include vitamin C, marine kelp, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and antioxidants. It will not only remove the scars and dark spots on your skin but will also rejuvenate the skin. The serum is beneficial for all skin types and is best suited for mature skin. The serum can also be used on sensitive skin and for treating damages due to rosacea or acne.

The 30ml bottle of Super C serum is best suited for various face benefits. Don’t forget to shake the serum well before application. A few drops of this serum is enough to apply on your face, jawline, and neck. It is richly textured and highly concentrated and you don’t have to use it in large quantities.

Comparison with COUI’s Natural Vitamin C Serum

COUI’s Natural Vitamin C Serum contains 20% vitamin C, the same amount as the vitamin C serum from Cosmetic Skin Solutions. The serum works wonders for women with unbalanced complexions, wrinkled skin, age spots or dead cell residues on the skin.

Over the years, the free radical damage done to your skin makes it. This serum works well as an anti-aging solution and restores collagen. It also provides natural exfoliation to your skin with the capabilities of preventing the effects of harsh environments.

With 20% vitamin C, this serum along with the serum from Cosmetic Skin Solutions comes with the highest concentration of the vitamin C available on the market. The Natural Vitamin C serum comes in a 30ml bottle and is beneficial in creating new collagen while restoring the elasticity of your skin as well as its structure.

It has a tendency of exfoliating the skin and brings out the inner radiance that has faded away over the years. The serum can protect your skin against harsh weather conditions with the help of its potent antioxidants. Make sure to shake it well before use and apply in small quantities. A few drops are enough to be used on your face, jawline and neck area. Please keep in mind to massage the serum into your skin with the help of your palms and allow it to be absorbed into the skin.


We hope that this Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C Serum review has proved to be beneficial for you. Most of us are aware of the benefits of these serums as they are one of the best natural skin care solutions. All the items that we have reviewed in this article have natural and cruelty-free ingredients.

If you were unsure about using vitamin C as a part of a skin product, we hope that this article was useful to you and answered your questions. Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is a critical element of all these serums as it is instrumental in limiting dark spots and hyperpigmentation. These features make vitamin C serums one of the most effective skin solutions.

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