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Caring For Dry Skin - Ultimate Guide For Dry Skin Care

Dry skin can be a challenge both to care for and to live with. Your skin may become flaky at times or even become red and irritated. Dozens of over-the-counter products promise to end the cycle of dreaded dry skin once and for all, but sometimes those miracle cures just can’t follow through on the performance.

There is no need for you to be stuck with dry skin, though, and there are simple changes you can make in your skin care routine as well as your daily life that will have a big impact on the condition and health of your skin. Why live with dry, irritated skin any longer? Make a few changes in your routine and watch as your skin becomes vibrant and healthy in a matter of a few weeks.

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Dry skin results from a lack of sebum or oil production. Sebum is made within the skin cells and is vital to having healthy, elastic skin. Since dry skin does not make enough oil, you will need to replace it both from the inside and outside.

Begin addressing the outside issue by finding a moisturizing cream that is rich but not overly heavy. Creams that include soothing ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera are excellent for handling dryness and redness at the same time.

Now you should consider the inside treatment – take a good hard look at your diet and determine exactly how healthy it is. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and needs to be nourished just like every other body part. The best supplements for your skin include Omega-3 oils (which contain vital components for smooth skin), Vitamin E, and a complex B vitamin.

Providing your skin with the proper nourishment is one of the best ways to improve your dry skin. Nourishing dry skin both inside and out is the best approach to healing. When your skin has the necessary nutrients and can use them in cell repair and rebuilding, the outside appearance will improve exponentially. You even get a nice bonus through improved health and body function – that’s multi-tasking at its best.

Skin Care for Everyone!

Good skin care should not be confusing or require multiple products just so you can feel clean. Despite the messages of advertisements and marketing schemes, most skin types only need a gentle cleanser and a moisturizer that incorporates anti-aging ingredients. There are, however, certain precautions that should be taken with some types of skin, so it is important to know where your skin falls on the scale of oily and dry.

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The best skin care routine is not about multi-step programs or facial peels. It is about providing quality attention and treatment for your type of skin so that it stays healthy and beautiful throughout your lifetime!

You should begin by figuring out your skin type. If your face feels parched and has rough patches or redness in some places, you most likely have dry skin. Sometimes you may experience flaking and irritation. Treatment for dry skin should focus on rich moisturizers that replace the moisture lacking in the skin. Cleansers should be gentle and never stripping. Add Omega-3 oils to your daily vitamins to nourish from the inside out.

If your skin is shiny all over or feels slick on the forehead, nose and chin area, congratulations, you have oily skin! It may not feel like it, but oily skin is really a blessing in disguise since it holds off wrinkles longer. With oily skin, it’s important to avoid sucking the oil out; you want to leave some behind to maintain your skin’s elasticity. Instead, use a mild facial wash that leaves the skin clean but not stripped.

Acne-prone and mature skins are unique and can require special treatment. Mild cleansers are best for washing and moisturizers should be oil-free but tailored to meet the specific condition.

Giving your skin the best care possible is simple once you understand your type of skin. It can even become enjoyable as you use appropriate products and watch your skin improve.

Reducing Unsightly Stretch Marks: Olive Oil and the Holistic Approach to Smoother, Unblemished Skin

If you are a woman who has given birth, or even a woman who has dieted and lost a noticeable amount of weight, you may have ended up with some stretch marks. Naturally, if you are like most women (and not a few men who have ended up with stretch marks due to weight loss or related factors), you likely are interested in finding a safe, natural or holistic method or reducing the look and appearance of these stretch marks.

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Problem with stretch marks? Apply olive oil with a few minutes of massage to reduce stretch marks. Many people have found that by following this regimen, a noticeable reduction in the appearance of stretch marks can and will appear in a short period of time.

When it comes to utilizing this holistic approach to lessening the appearance of stretch marks, it is important that you follow this regimen on a regular basis. By only occasionally applying olive oil and using therapeutic massage, you will not be able to receive the desired results and benefits that you intend and desire.

In order for this course of stretch mark treatment to be effective, you should engage in this holistic olive oil and massage regimen at least three times per week. Again, by sticking to this regimen, you will be able to see noticeable results, a significant lessening in the appearance of your stretch marks, within a short amount of time in the vast majority of cases.

There are some commercial products on the market that now include olive oil within their ingredients. However, when all is said and done, you do not need to expend the extra money it takes to purchase such products. Rather, you can use and rely on olive oil that is available at your local grocery market to obtain the results you desire.

Holistic Skin Care: Use Baby Oil and Sugar for Effective Exfoliation

When it comes to skin care, it is important that you undertake a number of specific steps on a regular basis. You need to keep your skin clean, exfoliated and moisturized. To this end, many people have spent a great deal of money on different exfoliating products. Further, many people have found themselves interested in finding exfoliating products that are natural or organic. Of course, natural, organic or holistic products can end up being rather expensive.

If you want to utilize a natural, holistic regimen for skin exfoliation and if you want to save money in the process, there is an easy solution that you can utilize to keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant. While you’re in the shower, rub a mixture of baby oil and sugar on your skin for a home exfoliation that works.

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You may wonder if a mixture of baby oil and sugar really is an effective method for exfoliating skin. Indeed, beauty experts have demonstrated through actual research that the combination of baby oil and sugar provides a most effective method for exfoliating skin.

In addition to being a tried and true method of neatly exfoliating skin, the baby oil and sugar mixture also is very beneficial in ensuring a proper moisture level in and on your skin. Baby oil, when used as part of this exfoliating regimen, provides high quality moisture to even the driest skin.

Using baby oil and sugar to exfoliate is also a quick way of keeping your skin fresh and attractive looking. In a matter of minutes you can completely exfoliate your skin.

Finally, the baby oil and sugar skin exfoliating regimen is extremely cost effective. There is no cheaper way for you to regularly and effectively exfoliate your skin. For a matter of only a few dollars you can end up with beautiful, glowing skin that will make you the envy of your friends and family alike.

Inexpensive Wrinkle Solutions!

Ask any woman on the street about her main beauty concern and chances are that the majority will answer wrinkles and anti-aging efforts. Nearly all women want to maintain smooth, supple skin throughout their lives but few are sure exactly how to do that.

With all the hype about “new and improved” products, it can be difficult to figure out which product, if any, will work best for your skin. Fortunately there are cheaper solutions that are just as effective (if not more so) than pricey boutique creams at preventing wrinkles and retaining moisture in the skin. The best news is that you won’t have to break into your retirement fund early to pay for any of these products!

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Castor oil is a cheap and effective eye cream that allows the skin to retain necessary oils for a smooth complexion. Massage it around the eye area before bedtime for a powerful boost to the skin around your eyes.

For another wrinkle-buster for the eyes, soak two cotton pads in orange juice and lay one pad on each eye. Relax for about ten minutes. Orange juice tones and tightens skin to make fine lines and wrinkles disappear. It can also be used in the wrinkle-fighting mask: beat one egg white together with two teaspoons of orange juice, one-half teaspoon of lemon juice and a few drops of sweet almond oil. Mix these ingredients thoroughly and apply to your face. Let it dry for thirty minutes and then rinse.

Undoubtedly one of the cheapest and best ways to prevent wrinkles is through your diet. Make sure your daily meals are full of antioxidants and vitamins (especially Vitamins A through E) to assist your skin in fighting off free radicals and the loss of elasticity. You should also make it a point to include Omega-3 oils in your diet. The fatty acids found in Omega-3 oils are one of the prime players in maintaining smooth skin that keeps its elasticity and flexibility. Eat a wellbalanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins, and you will be well on your way to defeating your wrinkles.

21 Beauty & Skincare Tips

1. Got dry skin? Here’s a quick remedy. Mash about half a cup of avocado and gently apply it on your skin. Leave on for 12-15 minutes to moisturize dry skin.

2. Prevent dryness during cold, windy weather. Avoid washing your face too much and reduce use of alcohol-based toners and astringents.

3. Lost with the blush? Smile and pinch your cheeks where they pop out. The blush goes where your skin gets rosy.

4. To give your lips a fuller, moister look, apply lip balm, then foundation, then lipstick. Just make sure that the lip balm is fully absorbed into your lips before applying foundation.

5. Clean make-up brushes with shampoo. Professional cleaners can cost you a lot of money, but shampoo has enough make-up dissolving ability to keep your brushes clean in no time, and maintain them for a long time.

6. Regularly clean the sponge you use to apply foundation so dust and dirt don’t build up. Dirty make-up will irritate your skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

7. Hair products could be the culprits if you get breakouts on your forehead and hairline. Rinse your face thoroughly of excess shampoo, and keep your hair away from your face, particularly when you apply any hairstyling product to it.

8. When determining a foundation shade’s compatibility with your skin color, do not test on the back of your hand. The best place to test it (aside from actually applying it on your face, of course) is under the chin.

9. Do facial exercises to firm and tone the muscles in your face. Lift the corners of your mouth into the widest smile you have. Hold this position to the count of five and repeat five times.

10. Make your concealer stay put all day by sealing it with loose powder. The powder will absorb the oil that melts your makeup.

11. A mixture of one part powdered milk, one part lemon rind and two parts almond meal make for a great home made facial scrub. You can also add half a part of lemon juice for that extra clean.

12. Foundation can make or break a look. Choose the right shade carefully – it should be one shade lighter than your skin color to look natural.

13. Mix oatmeal and honey to form a paste and apply it on your face. The oatmeal absorbs oil and the honey soothes the skin. Rinse off the mixture after 15 minutes.


14. Use coconut milk as an inexpensive alternative to salon hot oil treatments. Apply coconut milk onto scalp and hair with a cotton ball. Leave on overnight and shampoo in the morning.

15. If you have fine hair, try shampoos that contain wheat proteins and polymers. These ingredients make your hair look thicker by coating the hair shaft.

16. Great makeup is in blending. Blend dark with light in your blush, eye color, even lipstick! You may use the no-edge look to make an optical illusion such as that of a rounder or longer face.

17. Stimulate your body’s natural oil glands by dry brushing. With a body brush, lightly brush your skin in circular motion. Follow this with a warm bath and your favorite moisturizer.

18. For an inexpensive and effective conditioner, mix one cup of olive oil with one egg and half a lemon to an even consistency. Apply to scalp and hair strands and rinse well with water.

19. Dark spots? Rub on lemon over the area and finish off with a dollop of lotion. Citrus juices lighten dark spots but they tend to dry the skin. Lotion will counteract the drying effect.

20. Concealers are handy when you need to cover up blemishes real quick. For covering up red blemishes, concealers that are yellow-based work best.

21. Cover your eyeliner in plastic and then dip it in hot, not boiling, water for a few seconds. The eyeliner will apply much easier.

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