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Best Treatment For Under Eye Wrinkles

One of the most intimidating parts of anyone’s life is, without doubt, aging. If you don’t take care of your skin and diet then this can start a little too early. You won’t enjoy looking yourself in the mirror when you look the way of fifty even when you age in your thirties. Aging is a natural phenomenon and might not be that awful but your social circle will continue to press you to limits and put you through the test of your patience.

In this post, we will provide you with some critical information on how to look young and the best treatment for under eye wrinkles.

Causes Of Wrinkles Under Eyes

There can be an array of different causes and reason for your wrinkles under eyes. The most significant ones of them are aging as well as not taking care of your skin. As you age, your entire face particularly your under eyes began to sag because this region is one of the most delicate ones on your face. With the passage of time, this sagging turns into wrinkles if you don’t take any preventive or precautionary measures.

Let’s find out the most common reasons for wrinkles under eyes. However, you have to bear in mind that these causes of wrinkles under eyes can influence different people in varying manners.



Without a shadow of a doubt, aging is the biggest reason of all behind wrinkles under eyes. As years pass by your eyes will start to sag and wrinkles will start appearing. It is something that is inevitable unless your skin is a type that is immune to developing wrinkles (what a blessing that is!).

Wrinkles start making their appearance when you are in your late thirties. By the time you reach fifty, you lose the sense of feeling in the region around your eyes. You can prevent this from happening if you keep this part of your skin properly moisturized.

If you are looking to tighten your skin across your face then you need to get hold of two substances elastin and collagen. Elastin will provide your skin with a stretch and it will help you in making a variety of expressions (you can make all kinds of faces!).

Collagen is the second substance that is naturally present in our skin but as we age, its production deteriorates significantly. This substance keeps your skin properly moisturized and will prevent it from drying out.



Apart from all the disadvantages that the activity like smoking has, it also contributes heavily to the deterioration of your skin cells. Smoking has all the potentials to skyrocket the aging process of your skin especially if you do smoking frequently.

Smoking and aging are directly connected. Many research studies suggest that smoking is way more harmful to your skin as compared to sun exposure. Like all other addictions, smoking is something that you cannot give up too easily but you need to properly apply yourself mentally to get rid of it for good. This is important because frequent smoking can shrink your blood vessels which will consequently disable the flow of healthy blood flow to your skin. Ultimately, it will result in saggy dead skin.

sun exposure

Sun Exposure

The third worst thing that has the full potential to damage your skin over time is sun exposure. If you love getting tanned then that’s okay but it will eventually get your skin into all kinds of trouble. Just like smoking, getting exposed to sun excessively is only going to produce bad results for your skin.

Studies suggest that frequent exposure to the sun can worsen your skin. It can also cause a condition which is known as the Truck Driver Syndrome. It is when you are exposed to the sun a bit more as compared to others. Due to this, your skin will look a lot more aged then it really is.

Sun will dry out all the moisture in your skin and it will significantly impact the elastin production in your skin. Recent studies also suggest that UV rays also play a major part in causing wrinkles on your skin. It is important that you carry some sort of protection for your eyes as well as skin when you go out in the sun. The ultraviolet rays from the sun produce radicals in your skin and these radicals can cause wrinkles. Therefore, you need to properly take care of your skin particularly if you go out in the sun a lot.

How To Prevent These Wrinkles

The causes that we have enlisted above are pretty much unavoidable due to various reasons. Aging is something that you have to deal with no matter what. Sun exposure is something that you must tackle if you go out a lot during the day while smoking is just an addiction that s very difficult to give up. For this reason, you need to take some preventive measures to keep your skin at bay from all these dangers and keep looking younger even when you age more than fifty. The prevention process itself is also not that easy.

We have enlisted some of the ways that you can adapt to prevent these wrinkles for good.

Eye Creams

Eye creams comprise of some special ingredients in their formulas and these natural ingredients can be very fruitful in preventing under eye wrinkles. One of such eye creams from COUI is the Luscious Eye Cream. It is the best eye cream for dark circles. This cream is an effective way to heal your damaged skin very effectively. It will improve the firmness of your skin and will nourish it eradicating any dark circles or even puffiness. This cream has plant extracts, essential oils, and peptides that will smooth up your skin and will hydrate it.

Our signature Epidermal Growth Factor is always there in all our skincare products and similar is the case with this cream too. So this cream will turn out to be a very beneficial investment for you.


Using sunblock whenever you go out is a must-do activity. It will keep you safe from any potential sun exposure over time. You can opt for any SPF 30 lotion from COUI and if your skin is a bit too sensitive then you need to go for SPF 45. But you don’t have to go with extreme SPF numbers. These two creams are more than good enough for all types of skin.

You can also use an umbrella or a hat when you go out in the sun. During those blistering days, make sure that you walk in the shade and always use sunblock.


Moisturizing is a must too because but most of the people tend to forget about it altogether. If you keep your skin hydrated it will go a long way. After every shower, you need to keep the droplets of water in your skin and for that, you can use moisturizers. You can also develop a habit of using a cream or a lotion before sleeping.

under eye wrinkles home remedy

Under Eye Wrinkles Home Remedy

As with most other skin issues you can do some remedies to take care of your under eye wrinkles as well. These remedies might not beat the serums or creams that we have mentioned above for various purposes but they will surely speed up the recovery process.

If you gently massage your under eye regions, it will loosen you’re the muscles in this region and will also increase the blood circulation. Using your finger, just massage your under-eyes about ten or twenty times in a motion that is semi-circular. Start from your eye’s inner corner to the brow bone. You can also apply rose water for your skin’s rejuvenation before going to bed.

You can also mix an egg white in one teaspoon milk. Also, add a couple of drops of honey. Then mix and make a mask and apply it on your eyes and let it rest for 20 minutes. This mask can also smooth up you're under eyes and make your skin look younger.

Under Eyes Wrinkle Products

We have mentioned before that eye creams can work like a miracle. There are very nutritious ingredients that are present in these creams that can change the appearance of your skin effectively. These creams can essentially tighten your skin and also increase the blood circulation. One of such products is COUI’s Revital Face Mask. This mask contains oil extracts from rosehip seed along with coenzyme Q10. There is a vitamin A along with some essential oil extracts from sweet almond, avocado, sesame, and jojoba.

All these ingredients are very critical to work as moisture for your skin. This mask has glycerin and extracts from the Konjac root as well. If you go out a lot then you can use COUI’s Phytemanteau Day Cream. Don’t wait until you hit 50s to start using this under eye wrinkles cream. This is essentially a moisturizer and it will keep your skin hydrated while you spend your day in the sun. It will keep your skin safe from the UV rays and will prevent it from drying out with the essential oil extracts that it features.

If you’re into 50s, don’t worry, Luscious Eye Cream is our best anti-aging eye cream for 50s. The natural extracts and essential oils in it ensure that you don’t have to deal with saggy skin ever again.


Wrinkles under the eye can be very troubling both mentally and physically. But they are not something that you have to live with without a cure. You can always use some home remedies and skin care products to take care of this issue for good.

Some people think that surgery is going to work! But there are various other complications that you have to deal with. Plus, there is no guarantee that you will get rid of them for sure. For this reason, you need to use under eye wrinkles cream on a regular basis.

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