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Trust a skin care company co-founded by people who have experienced skin issues just like yours.



Enjoy high-quality skin products at a price you can afford.



Each product is made with hand-picked natural ingredients and is formulated with the guidance of cutting-edge scientific research.



Each product is backed by 45 years of skincare research and is formulated to ensure every ingredient performs at its maximum level of potential.

  • What should my skin care routine be?

    You need to take care of your skin twice a day, once in the morning when you wake up and once at night before you go to sleep.

    In the morning, you should start with our cleansing oil to cleanse your face and to remove any dirt from your sleep. You’d be surprised how many impurities can work your way into your skin while you lay on your pillow at night! You can use a toner next, if you’re so inclined. Use our day cream and moisturizer to hydrate your face and pamper it with nutrients before applying any make-up.

    In the evening, you should reach for the cleansing oil again. This will let you remove the daily, harsh environmental effects to your skin. Then, apply vitamin C serum and eye cream to nourish and protect your skin while you sleep.

  • What skincare routine should I use for my skin type?

    While there are many different skin conditions, our routine is always the same. Our ingredients are suitable for normal skin, combination skin, dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. This eliminates the guesswork. Our formula works with your skin instead of against it. For example, they hydrate and nurtures dry skin, but are not oily or sticky, so won’t aggravate oily skin.

    We avoid all the harsh chemicals and fillers which might irritate or exacerbate any skin conditions, which means you can feel confident using any or all our products.

  • What are the best skin care products for aging skin?

    You can get anti-aging benefits from every product we offer! Toner helps you eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Day cream helps to hydrate your skin. Our Super C serum helps your body produce more of the collagen your skin needs to remain dewy, fresh, and young-looking. And of course, clean skin looks young, fresh, and bright as well.

    Try them all! You’ll see the difference.

  • Why should toner be part of my skin care routine?

    Toning helps your skin get even cleaner. It’s a gentle product which removes trace elements your cleansing oil might miss. It then helps you tighten your skin, offering an anti-aging and pore-reducing effect. If you use our alcohol-and-chemical free toner it does this without producing any additional damage, all while nurturing and nourishing your skin so that the natural, good oils it already produces can do their job.

Most of our customers see and feel a significant difference in a very short period, even if other skin care products have never helped in the past.

  • The only skin care routine I’ll ever use. No guesswork, just results.

    With my mixed type skin it’s been almost impossible for me to find skin care products which really work for me. That is until I found COUI. My face looks and feels wonderful. The products really do work well together to produce amazing results. — Samantha C.

  • I feel so beautiful! I never realized what kind of a difference good skin care products could make

    I honestly never bothered with a skin care routine beyond washing my face. But a friend showed me COUI’s products and walked me through her entire routine. I felt amazing and could really see differences right away. That’s why I went out and bought my own, and would recommend them to anyone. — Mary W.

Don’t forget if you don’t love it, drop it. We want you to be 100% satisfied, so we do offer a money-back guarantee.

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