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Our cleanser understands the meaning of balance and does the job without damaging your skin. Engineered with the finest ingredients in nature, our formula is designed to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.

Suitable for all skin types:

  • Purge dirt, makeup, and other bad oils on your skin
  • Free of any alcohol, harsh chemicals, and unnecessary fillers
  • Nutritional oil enhances your natural good oils
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Each product is made with hand-picked natural ingredients and is formulated with the guidance of cutting-edge scientific research.



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  • How to use facial cleansing oil?

    Unlike other products on the market, our facial cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types, even if you have naturally oily or sensitive skin. It is a very gentle cleansing agent, especially COUI’s variety, since we don’t use any alcohol anywhere in our product, which means it’s not unnecessarily harsh. We also avoid unnecessary exfoliants which might deplete the natural oils and lipids found in the skin.

    When you use harsher products, your skin reacts by increasing oil production, fighting back by producing more of the unhealthy, acne-causing oils you don’t want. The idea is to cleanse your skin of impurities, not to send your skin into overdrive.

  • What is facial cleansing oil?

    Facial cleansing oil promotes and maintains beneficial, natural skin oils while reducing the production of harmful oils. Our formula includes castor seed oil, sweet almond seed oil, and other beneficial substances which work to restore balance to your skin while helping you remove dirt, make-up, and other impurities.

  • Can I use your facial cleansing oil to remove make-up?

    Absolutely. Our formula is designed to be powerful enough to remove make-up and dirt on your face while remaining gentle enough to leave natural lipids and oils on your skin intact.

  • Is facial cleansing oil better than simply washing your face?

    Yes. In fact, if you have oily or sensitive skin scrubbing your face can be problematic: you can once again spur your skin into overproducing harmful oils. A gentle, all-natural cleansing oil will allow you to clean your face without working against your body’s own process.

Most of our customers see and feel a significant difference in a very short period, even if other skin care products have never helped in the past.

  • Finally, an end to my acne. This is the cleanser I’ve been waiting for.

    I've had a problem with acne all my life. I never realized I was making the problem worse with harsh, acidic scrubs. COUI’s facial cleansing oil has been a totally different experience. My skin feels cleaner than ever, and I’ve seen a sharp decrease in the number of pimples I have to deal with. — Katherine P.

  • Makes make-up removal a snap. Used to be a chore, now it’s simple.

    This facial oil is like magic. The make-up just comes right off, and my skin feels great when it’s all done. I have sensitive skin, so finding a cleanser that does the job without turning my face into a blotchy, itchy mess makes me happy! — Claire N.

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