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Top Myths About Skin Care You Might Not Know

The skin care has to perpetuate certain myths in order to survive. It may sound harsh, but it’s true. This isn’t about conspiracy theories or evil executives, but it’s about taking a regular product or ingredient and marketing it as the new next big thing. We all know how advertising works. There’s a reason why food companies are able to capitalize on food trends, for example, whether it’s about avocado, kale, or superfoods in general, for example.

Similarly, skin care might latch on to certain ingredients or routines and proclaim them as the “new thing”, whether it’s mud masks or Manuka honey. Some of these myths are more detrimental than others, of course, but all of them should be clarified for the consumer.

mud mask

The first myth is that organic always means better.

We all know that “organic” is a buzz word, especially in the food industry. Everybody wants to believe that they are using a product or consuming a food that was naturally grown, without the manmade interference of chemicals. There is a simplicity in knowing that you are consuming something pure. However, it should be broken down further.

The truth is that the United States, in particular, has a large $40 billion organic market, which has led to countries attempting to describe their goods as “organic” when they really aren’t. This has included corns, soybeans, and countless other categories of foods. Even milk producers were traced down in a Washington Post article, and found that their claims were completely fraudulent. It doesn’t help that many consumers believe that “organic” means that the product was grown or produced locally, when in actuality, that often isn’t the case.

In this manner, skin care isn’t that much different from the food industry.

An organic label does not 100% even mean that it is organic!

This cannot be overstated enough. For the discerning consumer, they should be aware and check the list of ingredients and do their own research to truly find out what the product is made from. There certainly are certifications that these products are supposed to follow, however, just because these institutions are in place, unfortunately, they are not always as meticulous as they should be. Skin care labels may claim that a product is organic, when it really isn’t.

organic food

The consumer should also recognize this. Also, the consumer may even consider being open-minded enough to realize that being completely “organic” or “natural” may not even be the right choice! It’s important to consider that “natural” may be more about marketing than about actual health. Skin care is about YOUR skin, so it is important for the user to truly think for themselves.

There is also the myth that everyone should have an insanely strict regimen when it comes to skin care that should always be maintained.

Now, we all can agree that discipline goes a long way. A great example of this is diet and exercise. Even though not all of us may be in perfect shape, we all technically know the steps that we need to take, whether it’s going to the gym more often, making that morning jog a daily routine, or cutting out the fast food. These are conscious decisions that we can all make, that produce very visible and clear results.

The problem is that many people try to apply that to skin care. At the end of the day, we all have active lives. Moderation is always important. Yes, if you are drinking alcohol every night, not drinking enough water, and barely getting enough sleep – sure, it is fair to say that your skin will suffer greatly. This isn’t some secret advice, as it mostly is common sense.

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However, it should be noted that some other people, whether they are models or OCD, that take the “regimen” aspect much too far. It’s okay if you don’t apply one particular product during one particular time. You don’t have to rush out of a romantic date to apply that moisturizer, because skin care is about confidence and making yourself feel better. If skin care only becomes about an obsessive routine, you end up not even really being able to enjoy yourself. You are going to skip days. You will eat oily foods now and then.

There might be a day where you don’t get enough sun, or a week where you don’t get enough exercise. Relax! It's only your mind, and the myth, that your skin will suddenly turn terrible. Your skin will be fine, and a regimen of fifty products a day will transform your skin, as much as make you more stressed out.

Another myth is that you have to participate in every new trend.

There will always be a new and interesting skin care trend, because beauty is a market with billion dollar brands, and there isn’t a country that doesn’t have a market for it. Unfortunately, there are consumers that are willing to save their hard-earned money for an overhyped trend all too often.

chocolate trend

It doesn’t matter if the trend is washing your hair with fruit juice, bathing in mud, or a magazine that tells you to wash your face with the most expensive mayonnaise that you can find – the bottom line is that these trends will always come and go, and it’s never worth being late on your rent to try one of these out.

Of course, you should always do your own research, and there is nothing wrong with spending money on a beauty trend that you might find will improve your life, but please be sensible about the kind of trends that you entertain.

There are plenty of myths out there, whether it’s a clever marketing scheme that is attempting to exploit an insecurity, or a story about an ingredient in a wild forest that costs thousands of dollars but will make your skin glow like no other product in the word. The idea is to always remain educated and level-headed, to draw your own conclusions, and make the most informed decision possible.

Of course, after knowing what myths are false, that still doesn’t help your skin care in the immediate sense. Here at COUI skincare, we're proud to offer high-quality skin care products at affordable prices, and we're so confident in our quality that we offer a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee!

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