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Klairs Vitamin C Serum Review

Welcome to our Klairs Vitamin C Serum review in which we will discuss how this formula can make you look younger. Beauty experts and dermatologists around the globe rave about the effectiveness of vitamin C serums that bring a glow back to your skin.

These serums have become an active beauty product these days. Vitamin C is useful because it is a potent antioxidant and stimulates the production of collagen enabling you to look younger and prevents your skin from further damage. You will be astonished after using the product the firmer skin with fewer wrinkles you will experience.

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However, bear in mind that you cannot use the serum as sun-block. Klairs is one of the most successful brands to produce anti-aging serum. This Klairs Vitamin C Serum review will guide you through the facts and comparisons with our COUI Vitamin C products.

Klairs Vitamin C Serum Review

The Klairs’ Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drops has 5% pure vitamin C, and it comes in a 35ml bottle with 0.11 ounces of fluid. You can use it as your daily serum because it is safe and non-irritating. The serum can revitalize and rejuvenate your skin because of its vitamin C content. It is comprised of concentrated vitamin C that is a crucial component to provide you with plenty of nutrition and moisture for your skin.

The serum is equipped with the capabilities to get rid of acne and scars and helps in preventing breakouts and minimizing pores. In addition to that, the serum will also fade out any brown spots on your skin and will keep it safe from developing any pigments. Vitamin C in this serum is gentle for all skin types.


With this serum, you can take care of your skin immediately because it is comprised of natural ingredients including pure Vitamin C to transform your skin. All the components of this serum are extracted from natural sources and concentrated with Vitamin C to provide your skin with an innovative solution based on a non-irritating formula.

This product vitalizes your skin and maintains moisture. The serum will not cause any irritation. Klairs Vitamin C Serum is suitable for all ages and all skin types even if you have very sensitive skin.

Treats dull skin

The natural ingredients used in the development of this formula are incredibly useful in managing skin dullness, and it is also beneficial in reducing enlarged pores. This Vitamin C serum keeps everything simple and immediately starts working on the skin.

No irritation

Most women are afraid of using some serums, especially formulas that contains Vitamin C because it is thought to irritate the skin. With Klairs Vitamin C serum, you can forget about irritation altogether. It is made of natural extracts using an innovative formula to cure all skin issues without causing any irritation. Regardless of your age or skin type, Klairs Vitamin C serum will work wonders for you.

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How to use it?

For those of you that have normal or normal-to-oily skin, take about approximately half the dropper amount after cleansing and apply to your whole face. Make sure to gently massage it with your palms and work it into your skin.

For the people that have sensitive skin, prep your face with a toner after cleansing and take approximately three or four drops of Klairs Vitamin C serum and apply it to your face. In case of extra sensitive skin, you can mix it with your preferred lotion and regularly to create your own serum.

A word of advice

The Vitamin C products are usually used during the day, and you can apply it with your sunblock. If you are using these serums for the first time, then you will experience a slight tingling. The slight tingling is caused by the difference in pH levels on your skin and the serum.

Make sure to store it in a cool and dry place such as your refrigerator in order to prevent any color changes. If you do see a change of color, keep in mind that it doesn’t alter the effects of the serum. Make sure to use it within two or three months after you open the bottle.

Things we liked

- The serum is effective for all ages and skin types and doesn’t cause any irritation.

- It is made of all natural ingredients and cruelty-free extracts.

- Exfoliates and improves skin and reduces large-sized pores.

- You can use it under your primer, moisturizer as well as with sunscreen.

Things we didn’t like

- It is not an ideal product for people with sensitive skins.

- Not the best serum to treat hyperpigmentation.

- Tends to feel a bit greasy if not adequately massaged into the skin.

In Comparison - COUI’s Super C Serum

COUI’s Super C Serum is a groundbreaking formula in the field of anti-aging beauty products. It has every right to be called as Super C because it comes with Epidermal Growth Factor. It is a secret weapon found in not many other vitamin serums. This Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) can synthesize new collagen in addition to working on other areas of your skin and boosting anti-aging properties.

The formula is a complete integration of hydrolyzed collagen, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, marine kelp, antioxidants and EGF. Within a few weeks, you will experience reduced fine lines and wrinkles in your skin as well as lowered acne scars and age spots. Your skin will be more rejuvenated, youthful and adequately toned.

Super C is recommended for all skin types and is best for aging or mature skin. People with sensitive skin can also use this serum as well as those who have damaged skin due to rosacea or acne issues. It comes in a 30ml bottles which is smaller in comparison to the 35ml one from Klairs. However, Super C is one of the best vitamin C serums for faces.

Make sure to shake the serum well before using it. You can use just a few drops of this serum on your face as well as your jawline and neck. The serum is highly concentrated and richly textured, so even a few drops are enough. Please let the skin absorb the serum and make adjustments to the quality according to your preferences. You can use it twice in a day, and for improved results, it is recommended to keep the serum in a cold and dry place.

In Comparison - COUI’s Natural Vitamin C Serum

COUI’s Natural Vitamin C Serum has 20% Vitamin C with which you can use to combat aging skin. It is best suited for the women with uneven complexion, wrinkles, age spots and dead skin cell residues. The free radical damage over the years makes the skin weary and dull and this product helps with the rejuvenation of your skin.

Therefore, the Natural Vitamin C Serum works well on anti-aging and restores collagen while providing natural exfoliation to your skin. The serum has the capability of protecting the skin against harsh environments and gets rid of damaged cells. This serum comes with the highest concentration, 20% of Vitamin C available on the market.

However, it comes in a smaller bottle of 30ml as compared to the 35ml bottle from Klairs. It is useful in creating new collagen and restoring the elasticity and structure of your skin. It has the capability of exfoliating deep into your skin and bring out the inner glow and radiance that has faded away due to aging. The serum can repair the damaged cells to the core. It can conveniently protect your skin against harsh weather conditions or environmental elements with the help of its potent antioxidants. It is among the best Vitamin C supplements for hyperpigmentation.

Make sure to shake it well before use and apply in small quantities. A few drops are enough to work on your face, jawline and neck area. Please keep in mind to massage the serum into your skin with the help of your palms and allow it to be absorbed by the skin. You can use the serum once every 24 hours. If you have sensitive skin, then you can use this serum every other day. For better shelf life and improved results, keep the serum refrigerated.


We sincerely hope that our Klairs Vitamin C Serum review has proved to be informative for you. Most of us are well-versed with the Vitamin C serum side effects and benefits. This serum is one of the best herbal skin solutions for various issues like acne or rosacea. The items that we reviewed in this post are all comprised of natural ingredients.

Many women are reluctant to use Vitamin C on their skin because either they are not sure that it works or they avoid it due to the irritation it might cause. Vitamin C is a vital component of all these serums because it is useful in reducing dark spots. The hyperpigmentation makes these serums one of the most effective cosmetic skin solutions.

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