Introducing Phytemanteau Moisturizing Day Cream

Rejuvenation and restoration at its finest. The COUI team devoted one year to the development of this product and we’re proud to say it’s the moisturizer you’ve been dreaming of.

Suitable for dry, combination, and normal skin types:

  • These types are lacking sebum and Phytemanteau MDC will provide a lovely treat for your skin
  • The powerhouse of hydration, protection, and anti-aging capabilities will leave your skin looking young and vibran
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Trust a skin care company co-founded by people who have experienced skin issues just like yours.



Enjoy high-quality skin products at a price you can afford.



Each product is made with hand-picked natural ingredients and is formulated with the guidance of cutting-edge scientific research.



Each product is backed by 45 years of skincare research and is formulated to ensure every ingredient performs at its maximum level of potential.

  • How to apply eye cream?

    First, choose the right creme for the right time of day. Day cream has anti-aging ingredients as well as a built-in sunscreen to protect against sun damage. Night crème should be applied before you go to sleep.

    Once you’ve chosen the right cream, the process is the same. Use your fingers and apply the cream sparingly around both eyes. Use a gentle circular motion to work the product into place. Remember, a little goes a long way!

  • What is the best eye cream?

    Ours, of course!

    Okay, okay, we’ll make our case for it. We use a custom blend of high-quality ingredients to create our eye crème, natural ones like rosehip seed oil, mango seed butter, grapeseed extract and aloe vera. Unlike our competitors, we avoid alcohol, chemicals, and fillers which might damage your skin in counterproductive ways.

  • Does eye cream work?

    Yes! You just need to choose the right one.

    There are many competitors on the market who offer products which just don’t produce results. Don’t waste your money—take advantage of the hours of scientific research we’ve put in to create the most effective eye cream on the market. Try our eye cream today to banish as many wrinkles as possible.

    If you don’t love it, drop it. We want you to be 100% satisfied, so we do offer a money-back guarantee.

  • What else is eye cream good for?

    If you suffer from dark circles, bags around your eyes, or puffy eyes after sleep, then eye cream is perfect for you. A good eye cream can alleviate all these problems very quickly. It’ll feel wonderful against your skin, too!

Most of our customers see and feel a significant difference in a very short period, even if other skin care products have never helped in the past.

  • Phytemanteau day cream is awesome! My eyes feel fantastic.

    I really like the cool, refreshing feeling of this eye cream. I started to notice a real difference after a solid week of use. — Melinda M.

  • I can really feel the difference. No stinging, no mess.

    I’ll be honest, there are a lot of skin care products I do not love. They sting, and they feel greasy. But COUI’s stuff is great. It feels amazing, and it really works. This one is my go-to product for life. — Daisy J.

And if you do love our eye cream don’t forget to check out some of our other skin care products. You might just get a chance to enjoy the best skin you’ve ever had.