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Best Vitamin C Serum For Sensitive Skin

When it comes to dealing with sensitive skin, we know how difficult that can be. You need to be careful about what kind of makeup you are using starting from concealer to lipstick. And not just that, when it comes to using any type skin care products, you have to extra careful with the ingredients since even one odd component might end up being the cause of severe irritation.

So what makes our skin sensitive? Well, our skin has a natural barrier. For some the barrier is strong, but for others not so much. The barrier function may get damaged due to many reasons, starting from extreme sun exposure to stress, dehydration and chemicals from our skin care products. The nerve endings act up when irritated and we see redness or rashes. But these symptoms vary per person.

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Skin care for sensitive skin can actually become quite simple if you follow a certain daily routine for cleansing, toning and washing the skin. Vitamin C serum can actually be quite useful for taking care of skin that is sensitive.

Common Questions Regarding Vitamin C Serum Usage

We hear plenty of confusions regarding the vitamin C serum usage. Here we have tried to answer some of the common FAQs.

Frequency of vitamin C serum usage

Not just for the sensitive type of skin but for all types of skin, usage rate is important to know. So, how often to use vitamin C serum? With sensitive skin, the best way is to use it once a day only. You can also choose to apply on alternate days. Using more than once is a strict no from dermatologists for the sensitive skin. That will actually cause you more harm than good. We would recommend that when the serum turns brown, you should discard it and get a new one.

Results of using vitamin C serum

Does vitamin C really work? The problem with sensitive skin is that you don’t have the liberty to test any type of new product unless you are absolutely sure about it. Fortunately, the answer to the questions is yes. Vitamin C serum works wonders with sensitive skin if the right application method is used and used at regular intervals. Within months of usage, you will find that your skin is younger looking and becoming firm each day.

For soft and sensitive skin, premature wrinkling is an issue. With using vitamin C serum, you can actually stop that. The serum also fades away dark spots and makes the skin clear and brighter. This will also provide protection from UV rays.

Application method for sensitive skin

How to use vitamin C serum is something that you should be well aware of when it comes to applying this. You can’t simply just apply it to the skin, knowing the right procedure is important. We provide a step by step approach on the application process to make you understand better.

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Before applying the serum, you need to wash your face with warm water, clean cloth and some good quality cleanser ideal for sensitive skin. Make sure that you keep your skin moist.

Next, apply the vitamin C serum in the face and over the neck area if required with your fingertips. Some prefer to use cotton or brushes but it works best if used with just the fingers.

After that, gently massage the skin area and wait for around three to five minutes. Leave it there for the skin to dry for a while.

Finally, you apply the regular moisturizer and can repeat the process once a day or between alternate days.

How to Choose The Best Type of Vitamin C Serum

Ascorbic acid

With oxidized serum, it is better to avoid too much of ascorbic acid. Lowest possible concentration is better for sensitive skin. The safest choice would actually be to use it in the form of a cream. Skin care products use derivatives of ascorbic instead of natural acid. But in case of derivatives, the results will go slower. With natural ingredients, the result is faster. But for sensitive skin it’s better to avoid strong acid content.

Ascorbyl phosphate

Two important ascorbyl phosphate compounds include magnesium or sodium. For sensitive skin, you should opt for sodium ascorbyl phosphate. This is a water soluble derivative of vitamin C and is a useful content for providing skin care solutions. For those who have sensitive skin, you should use products that provide sodium ascorbyl phosphate other than ascorbin acid.

Ascorbyl palmitate

Palmitates are fat soluble derivative with vitamin C. This is a more stable form of the serum and it works better with sensitive skin. With sensitive skin, your skin can feel irritated at times by the use of ascorbic acid. Therefore, using this stable derivative is a better option for you.

Derivatives of ascorbic acid

Other than the two derivatives that we discussed about its better to avoid other new derivatives of ascorbic acid. Specifically if you are looking for instant results, new derivatives are not the right choice for you. For sensitive skin we would definitely recommend you avoiding new derivatives.

pH level

For sensitive skin, the pH level should be within 5.0 to 7.0. This should not impact your sensitive skin at all. With oily skin however, the pH level could be lower.


For the concentration, the percentage needs to be 5 to 10 percent of ascorbic acid in the product. With derivatives, the concentration can be 1 to 20 percent in the product. For sensitive skin, our recommendation would be option two. If you are still worried about does vitamin C serum really works with derivatives, you can rest assured that you get results.

Additional content

The idea of additional content is important when you need to know how to use vitamin C serum. Sometimes you can add those on your own to get the best results or you can simply find them in skincare products already available. Antioxidants can be a great additional content with your vitamin C serum. With the combination of vitamin C serum and antioxidants, you might want to re-evaluate your decision on how often the vitamin C serum should be used. It’s better to use the serum on alternate days if you plan on using it with additional content.


With regard to products, it is highly recommended that you avoid colored products and use white or off-white serums only. The chemicals in the colorful ones might adversely impact the sensitive skin.

Some Recommended Vitamin C Serums

Best vitamin C skin care products are usually available in the cream, moisturizer and face washes. If pricing is a concern, you will find some great skin care products within under $50. According to reviews from dermatologists, we have identified some great skin care products for you.

- Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

- Oz Naturals Vitamin C Facial Serum

- Cosmetic Skin Solutions Vitamin C 20% Serum

- Mad Hippie Vitamin C

- COUI skincare Super C Serum

- COUI skincare Natural Vitamin C Serum

Why should you use vitamin C serum for sensitive skin?

With sensitive skin, it’s difficult to experiment with new products. With a few great tips, you skin would look absolutely flawless by using vitamin C serum.

Protection from sun damage

sun dusk

The serum will protect you from sun damage. Although the result will depend on how often you use the product. It will help heal the sun burns easily and also protect you from you from harmful UV rays.

Dark circle concealment

When we are asked does vitamin C serum really work, we always find it easier to explain to people who are suffering from dark circles. That is because you will find instant results within a week of its usage. The dark circles will start to go away in no time.

Hydration and moisture improvement

The product also helps to improve the moisture content for your skin. Specifically for sensitive skin types, it’s very essential to keep the skin hydrated or else you suffer from irritation, dark spots and pre-mature wrinkling. We recommend that you use some of the best vitamin C serums and keep your skin hydrated with right moisture content.

Younger and healthy skin

If you know properly on how to use vitamin C serum, you will have a younger and healthier looking skin for quite a long period of time. Use your preferred vitamin C serum with moisturizer and cleanser to see the best results.

Removal of dark spots

If you are suffering from skin discoloration, using some of the best vitamin C serums will help to provide you with an even skin tone. You will see clear results of your dark spots and discoloration clearing away only within a month of its usage.

Final verdict

In short, for sensitive skin, the right frequency of usage is to use it once daily. It is better to go for ascorbyl palmitate or ascorbyl sodium phosphate instead of using the ascorbic acid. You need to be patient while using the vitamin C serum and we would recommend that you do not rush into applying it in hope for a better outcome.

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