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Best Treatment For Under Eye Wrinkles - Tips To Make Your Skin Look Young

Maybe we can all agree with the fact that most people don’t have a problem with being old. They merely have a problem with looking old. A common but complicated issue that makes you look older even though you are not an aged person is under eye wrinkles.

Generally, people believe that under eye wrinkles only affect the senior citizens but surprisingly many young people are also being affected by it. Service holders, students and people who stay outside for a long period of time, often go through a lot of skin damage, which is one of the main causes of wrinkles at a very young age.

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Those who are having difficulties regarding this, here’s some good news for you. No more beating yourself up searching for remedy for wrinkles under eyes. There are some great treatments that can help to remove wrinkles to a great extent. But before revealing all the secrets, the causes behind under eye wrinkles should be brought to light.

Causes of Wrinkles

To bust a myth that wrinkles only appear with growing age of 40+, here are a few causes that also lead to under eye wrinkles.

Ultraviolet (UV) Ray

Exposure to too much sunlight is one of the key factors that causes under eye wrinkles. Harsh UV ray leads to premature aging named as ‘photoaging’ by depressing the natural antioxidants in the skin. As a result, young men and women who pass a good amount of time outside, have great possibility to get wrinkles at an early stage of life.


smoking skin

Cigarettes contain a good amount of nicotine that tapers the blood vessels in the furthermost layers of the skin. Due to that fact, proper flow of oxygen is disturbed resulting in a discoloured and dry skin. It depletes the nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C that protect our skin and repair from damage. All of these deficiencies cause under eye wrinkles.


Acne scars may cause wrinkles under your eyes. Basically, pollutions, stress, high sugar in foods, changes in hormone levels are some of the reasons of acne on your face. The acne marks often remains as scars leading to wrinkles in future.

Constant Muscle Movement

Constant muscle movement can be another reason for wrinkles. For example, facial movements like frowning or squinting a lot may lead to fine lines and wrinkles both under and in the corners of our eyes. This is why long nights of working on the computer or being depressed or stressed makes way for wrinkle appearance.

Unhealthy Nutrition

Poor eating habits can greatly contribute to under eye wrinkles in your youth. Your diet can greatly impact your skin, especially that of your face. Being in the habit of eating foods rich in sugar, or consuming excessive oily and processed food can prove to be detrimental to your skin. Our skin needs proper nourishment, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, and these requirements largely depend on your diet. So a poor diet will definitely cause under eye wrinkles.

If you are wondering how to remove under eye wrinkles, you’re at the right place. In order to remove wrinkles and restore youthful skin, some useful measures can be taken. Remedy for under eye wrinkles can be categorized into three segments: medical treatment, natural treatment at home and cosmetic treatment.

Treatments For Eye Wrinkles

Now let's get to some treatments avaiable to take care of your eye wrinkles to make you look young again!

Medical Treatment

botox injection for eye

Doctors suggest some injections like Dysport, Botox and Xeomin to remove wrinkles caused by frequent muscle movement. For the wrinkles caused by extreme sun exposure and UV rays, some well known treatments are laser resurfacing, medical grade skin peels and taking good skin care. Considering the side effects, it is not a wise option to take these treatments without consulting a doctor. Different people have different physical reaction to medicine, so, to know the proper medical treatment for a particle person, doctor’s advice is mandatory. Not to mention, these injections are quite costly and can add up to your expenses hugely in the long run.

Home or Natural Treatment

This is the cheapest and the easiest way to treat under eye wrinkles. But to opt for this option, you must have patience and perseverance since visible results might take a while. The ingredients needed for the treatment are always available and show tremendous results after a certain period. Egg white mask helps to tighten the skin and as it is a natural product, there is hardly any side effects. A regular use of this mask can show a miracle on your face.

Another treatment for removing under eye wrinkle is Rosemary oil. Massaging gently, this oil will improve your skin tone and your wrinkles will be removed. Similarly, rub castor oil on your face at night before sleeping and the magic will be done.

Cucumber and avocado are not only healthy for your body but also are used as anti-aging ingredients. Apply avocado and cucumber puree on your wrinkles on a regular basis to get the result. There are some other home remedies like tomatoes, aloe vera, banana mask that work really great and help to get rid of the under eye wrinkles.

Cosmetic Treatment

This is the most cost-effective form of treatment. There are many cosmetics available in the market that are used as wrinkles removal products. I personally prefer COUI’s Luscious Eye Cream. If you’ve been searching for the best eye cream for wrinkles, I’d especially recommend this product because of its quality and reasonable price.

Most people often hesitate to use cosmetics or creams as they fear that the situation may get worse. We all have different skin tone and not every product suits our skin well but COUI’s Luscious Eye Cream is suitable for all skin tone and it comes with all in one package. It will clean your dark circles, remove puffiness under your eyes and at the same time you can get rid of those unwanted wrinkles under or around the eyes.

The method of using the cream is also simple. All you need to do is to clean your skin properly and gently apply a little amount of it once or twice a day on the wrinkle affected areas of your eyes. I have personally seen visible results in just a matter of weeks! So, COUI’s Luscious Eye Cream is definitely the best eye cream for wrinkles on the market for me.

The Best Treatment For Under Eye Wrinkles

Our skin, especially the skin of our face, is very sensitive. Not only does our skin battle rough weather, it also fights against the harsh sunlight all day long. Our facial skin is the main warrior since it’s always exposed to such conditions more than any other parts of our body comparatively. And the main focus of our face being our eyes, there is no way we can take risk by doing any mistake by choosing the wrong treatment. We know that wrinkles usually come with age but the young people are not out of this problem either. Many factors such as excessive heat of sunlight, UV ray, smoking cigarettes, and even sleeping habits are responsible for this.

Many of us may find it difficult to pay extra attention to our physical appearance or looks as there’s hardly any time after long work hours in our busy lives. So, any long term treatment procedures may not be the best of options.

On the other hand, opting for medical treatments or spending money on expensive surgeries and injections is not a better solution either. There is a high chance of failure and unexpected side effects following these procedures if done without the permission of a doctor. So, buying a good quality anti-aging cream can be the best treatment to get rid of under eye wrinkles and avoid ‘photoaging’. In this way, both the young and old can remove their wrinkles without investing extra time and money behind it.

Products like COUI’s Luscious Eye Cream that offer 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee have made life easier for us. Now, we don’t have to worry about those under eye wrinkles, puffiness, side effects, rashes, acnes, scars or dark circles anymore. The treatment for all these problems is just one step away.

Final Words

The best treatment for under eye wrinkles is based on our skin type and it is quite difficult to generalize one single solution for every person. The medical or home remedies are useful for particular groups of people but anti-aging cream that is suitable for all skin is easily applicable and affordable for almost every person. Therefore if you are looking for best eye cream for wrinkles, definitely give COUI’s Luscious Eye Cream a try. It offers high quality treatment without demanding luxury price.

To sum up, I will suggest that when it comes to choosing any product for effective treatment of your skin, it is always wise to select the one that gives priority on transparency and customer satisfaction and COUI’s Luscious Eye Cream does just that and more!

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